Standing Alone

This is for the new vampire competition, I hope you all like it!

Standing alone is all I have ever done. It was only heightened when I met him. I was just like all his other followers, but after he had done this to me, all I wanted it revenge.


1. Prologue


    I just stood there. The water was loud against my ears, constantly lapping against the weakening wood poles, sounding like multiple dogs tongues drinking like it would be the last thing on earth. 
    The lights on the walkway flickered and buzzed, the tiny dance of the bat that twirled around the bulb created a free sort of feeling for me. Deep down though...

Deep down, all I knew that without him, I would never be truly free.


The deep rumble of a truck sounded, making me jump slightly after being snapped from my thoughts so briskly.

The deep rumbling of a man, accompanied the light heated laugh of a young girl. The laugh that only come with a young age in life. A life where she knew very little of what was really in the world. 

    Leaning against the railing I watch the moon as the time passes slowly. The stars light up pockets of the ebony black canvas, but they don't show it's true beauty. 


    I don't know how much time has past, but when I feel his cold and dark presence come closer behind me. I feel fear that I have wished to feel no more, something to be buried deep down and never resurface. 
"I have waited a long time, why did you not come when we had arranged?" my voice was confident, but I knew within myself that I was going to have to try harder to get him to be convinced.

"My apologies, I was side tracked," his voice broke in a soft chuckle, "I am here now though, why did you wish to speak with me. Your voice sounded urgent." his voice was hinting concern, deep down it struck something within me, but I knew him too well. This was another one of his tricks. 

"My brother has found his lover, I must leave as they are to be wed-" I was cut off with a furious snarl which shook my control. "I know what it will look like, but even if he is human, I will show up and congratulate him. I can'y cut all ties with one family, only to then, days later,fix them to a certain extent, but never fully. I gave up everything because I fell in love with you. I know you would love to see the looks that I would receive, but it is either that you come with me to make sure I am safe, or you let me go and you never see me again." 

My tone was firm and demanding, it started to sound like I was talking to a adolescent wolf, telling him with my alpha tone in to what he should do. 

His amber eyes were lost for a moment and held such grief and turmoil that it was hard to look at him. Wit a sigh, his whole head turned towards me,

"Only for you Anna. I shall be coming with you though, you know ow I do love a good show, " his voice was final and gave a good warning that said he wasn't sure, but would trust me.

"Thank you Chase, we leave first thing in the morning."

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