I've entered this in a Slam Poetry competition, so I thought I'd post it here as well. I'll be doing a video for it soon!


1. Stop.


You're stood, waiting
deliberating what
you could possibly do
to make the best
of the worst. 

You're silent,
a hated soul
who's deaf to all 
but the girl beside him. 

She whispers
in your ear
and you hear
that she needs to disappear
from the world deteriorating
around her. 

And you stop. 

And you stare
and suddenly there
she's a wisp of hair
disappearing with your care
for what she's done. 

You try
but you find
you cannot follow
for the wind bellowing
for you to stop. 

Your knees
find the ground
and all around
it's stopped. 
But the pounding, 
it's still there, in your chest. 

The reason 
for you to carry on
you know she's gone
even though she shone 
like the only star
in your blackened sky. 
Wonder why 
she said goodbye
you know she lied
and you tried
your hardest.

But think. 

You never said goodbye. 

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