Never Again

one girl, caught in circle that goes round again and again.


1. valentines.

authors note~ just want to say that this story is true, and is happening/happened at the present time, of course i have used different names to protect identity.


Valentines day. Nobody ever gave out anything at our school. We never really wanted to, all the boys still thought girls were yucky so why should they?.. Well I guess almost  every boy because this year i got my first ever card. The boy was the most popular boy in our class and i was the most popular girl so it kinda made sense, not saying that the two most popular boy and girl have to fall in love or anything. Anyway, the boy (called Joey) was too shy to give me the card and prezzie himself so his mum did for him which was actually really cute of him. So we started dating i put that in italic since we never actually went anywhere so it wasnt a real relationship. But before long the stupid boy went and passed a note to me saying

"i love you and mary" ( Mary was my best friend at the time >:0 ) So of course i broke up with him. About a year went pass before he asked me out again, saying he had changed and he was dumb. At this time me and Mary were no longer best friends- not because she went out with Joey cause she said she wouldn't do that to me. But because she made a new friend- Chantelle.

So stupid me said yes to Joey...

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