"I must run. I don't know why, but I must run."

Clarissa, not quite normal, must run. She must find her sister, Marianna, who has been taken from her. She doesn't know who took her, she doesn't know why, but she is determined to find out.


3. I Must Wait

I must wait. The words tangle in my thoughts, in my very being. I must wait. I have ran, now I must wait. I don't know what for.

Scrape. ... Scrape. ... Scrape.

Claws dragging across the floor. I must wait. Scrape. Scrape. Scrape. It is running. I must wait. Scrape, scrape, scra- It has leaped. I must wait. Thud.

It is on top of me. It has pinned me down. It has foul breath. It has sharp teeth. It has sharp claws. It has drawn blood. I must wait. It shrieks at me; the same scream of my sister's.

I must fight.

I brace my arms underneath the umbrella, I lift it so it pulls the creature's claws from my shoulders. I groan from the pain, I must ignore it. I brace my feet on the floor, lifting the monster off me. I roll out from underneath it. It snaps at my head.

I stand and face it. It is revolting. Blood matts its once white fur, worms are festering in the bloodier spots. Its face looks mangled, sharp teeth exploding at odd angles from a disfigured mouth. It has lost an eye, its other an orange orb, viciously guarded. It is huge; 10 feet tall, muscular, and powerful. It will kill me. I must fight.

It launches itself at me, I jump out the way. I hit it on the head with the umbrella, it bites my leg. I scream. It drags me to the floor, I can't see properly, my body shakes, I feel sick. It must have venom. It is about to bite my head off. It will kill me. I must fight. I roll and punch its eye. It shrieks like my sister. It recoils, it is angry. I am angry. I am hurt. I stand in agony, leaning on the umbrella. 

It runs towards me again; I close my eyes. It will kill me. Impact; I feel my body pulse. It shrieks. It explodes. I lay on the floor, watching the pink mist rain down on me. I am disgusted. I am exhausted. I must run. I can't run.

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