Ariana Evans has been under the rule of her evil stepmother for 12 long years. She doesn't have time for much, let alone a social life, since she is basically running her father's popular, old bookshop cafe. Ari wants to free herself from her stepmother, but she just can't. One day this amazing girl is going to snap, and what she has been wondering is, "If I have a wicked stepmother, where's my prince?"


1. Just Another Day


I am finally done with their stupid breakfast. I mean, you would think cooking for 4, well I guess 5 counting me, people would be easy, right? But no, 
Britney doesn't eat starch at the moment because apparently she's going through a health kick, like that'll last; Mathilda cant eat dairy this week because of something her friend told her, apparently it causes bloating; Mica learned where eggs came, I blame the teachers as they know he is easily influenced; and the almighty Queen? She basically asked me to put grass on dirt. Well not exactly, but you know. Anyways, after making five different breakfasts, getting all of our stuff together and putting the coffee on, I finally went through the house announcing breakfast was ready. 

Britney and Mathilda were fighting for the mirror, Mathilda was screaming, "I'm more prettier than you!" 

Britney rolled her eyes and sneered, "whatever, ugly"

They went off on another screaming fit and I just rolled my eyes and banged the gong in the corner of the room. 

They both stopped, staring at me dumbfounded as I told them, "Breakfast is ready." 

As an after thought I added," And Mathilda, it's, 'I'm prettier than you'."

 I marched off, leaving them to ponder my grammatical correction. I swear for being best friends, they sure do fight a lot. I walked through the hallway and cautiously entered micah's room. I'm pretty sure this kid is bipolar, I mean one minute he's hugging me, the next he's putting toad pee in my shoes. You never know what he's gonna do, so you have to be extremely careful when entering his room. 

"Micah?" I nervously called out. No response. 

"Breakfast is ready?" Well, that came out as sort of a question.

The next thing I knew, Micah flipped down from the rafters of his room and sprayed me with shaving cream and silly string. 

"Great," the devils spawn told me, referring to both breakfast and me, his master piece. He swung down and shot off toward the stairs leaving me sputtering in his room. Great, I thought, time to go change. Oh well, Vivian will be coming to pick me up soon so i better get going.

Just another day in my life.


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