When Kat's parents die in a mysterious fire she is sent to live with her cousin harry. while there she meets his friend Louis Tomlinson, but still struggling with the loss of her parents she doesn't know weather to push him away or bring him in even deeper than she expected. When shes with Louis she feels free but what will it take for all her freedom to be snatched away faster than expected?


1. chapter one

Kat's P.O.V:

when I walked into the church there was no going back I had to do it I had to see them one more time. if there was anything left of them. the only people that were there were harry my cousin and his mom no one cared other then them but that was all I needed was harry he had been there since I was five and him being only two years older always helped. he meant well but sometimes I wanted to push even him the one who held my darkest secrets away and never let him in. I sat in the front row with harry and ann he held my hand as I let the tears run then the song played the lulbey she always sung me I was to caught up in the good times before I realized the service had ended. I went and kissed the tin box that held my mothers ashes and picked them up while harry grabbed my fathers knowing all I wanted was my mother she held the secrets I couldn't even tell harry. we got into his car and ann headed for the airport she had to catch her flight back home I was going to spread my mothers ashes on the beach and my fathers off the pier. I was staying with harry and his friends in England. harry sat in the car and let me go by myself these beaches were near and dear to my family the memories hit me like a punch in the gut. I got down to the pier and through my dads whole box into the water not wanting to even look at the picture of the man who I called daddy that hurt me and my mom everyday. I walked down to the water and sat down I sat the box beside me and watched the sunset then I sighed and stood up I grabbed the box I looked at the picture at my mothers chocolate hair and shocking green eyes with just a hint of blue in them. I took the box and opened it and started to walked to the water then something hit me. the promise. my mom always made my promise if anything happened to her and she wasn't around to carry on with regular life to act like she never existed. how was I going to forget the woman who brought me into this world and protected me with everything she could making sure to put me before herself. the woman who loved me more than she loved herself. I quickly shook my head and continued spreading her ashes and I promised myself to go on as if nothing had happened but still keeping my mother with me. I smiled at the fact that he couldn't hurt her or me anymore she was safe and ok. I dug through the sand and put the box in the hole then I covered it up. I walked back to the car and laid my head on Harrys shoulder and closed my eyes knowing I wasn't going to be sleeping I remembered all the good times I had with my mom. finally I fell asleep thinking about her.

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