A Walk to Remember: dedicated to Harry Styles

Britney has all sorts of problems in and out of school. She can't take it anymore when she runs away to one of her favorite childhood places. She never thought that would be one of the best things she has ever done for herself.


1. Life's Hard


Britney's P.O.V

     School sucks! Home life isn't any better. I swear my parents hate me and each other. I woke up this morning to the screaming and swearing of my parents. I moaned as I pulled myself out of bed, looking at the One DIrection poster on my wall. I put on a gray oversized sweater, black leggings, and white vans. I ran downstairs and there they were, yelling at each other with scary expressions. They didn't pay any attention to me whatsoever. I got myself some breakfast and went out the door with my backpack. As I was walking to school, all I was thinking about was all the bullying and criticism ahead. When i got to school, people started snickering at me. I just sighed. My morning classes were ok except in science, nobody wanted to be my partner so I was stuck with the school nerd, Fred. At lunch the populars asked me to sit with them, which i thought was a little weird, but i took the invitation anyway. As i sat down, Liv the main mean girl snickered at me saying, " So glad you could could finally sit with us. "Uh thanks.....," i said. "Ha don't be so scared hon', your one of us," Liv snickered. "Uh thanks again I guess," i whispered. Just then Liv got up and "accidentally" spilled her lunch on me. "LIV!" I screamed, " How could you?!" "Hey everybody look, Britney puked," she laughed. Everyone was in hysterics. I ran out of the cafeteria with tears in my eyes. The rest of the day was absolutely terrible. Everybody keep calling me gross and whenever someone bumped into me they said " Ewwww now i have to go wash your pukey germs off." I ran home and right as i walked through the door, I heard the loudest screaming and cursing ever. It was coming from upstairs. I snuck upstairs and stood by my parents bedroom door to hear what they were saying. "You never even loved me Mary," screamed my dad. "I did too before you became the worlds biggest jerk," my mom screamed. "Well at least i love my own daughter," threatened my dad. "I love her more than you ever did," screamed my mom. Then I heard my dad push my mom over and something break. I walked in on a bloody brawl and screamed, " I knew it, none of you ever loved me," and slammed the door. I didn't know what to do and I sure didn't want to stay here so I ran away crying.

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