A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


1. One Direction

July 7, 2013 the second day I will remember the most. Thats the day I met One Direction personally.

I'm Linda Daae, average 17 year old in Pittsburgh. I was still recovering from the fourth when I got a text message from my best friend, Lydia Malik. Yes, I was best friends with Zayn Malik's little sister. Anyways she text me that she was finally in Pittsburgh and at the airport. She wanted me to pick her up. Odd it's not like it she was the little sister of a superstar or anything. I text her back saying I'll pick her up.

It's a half an hour drive from my house to the airport but I was happy to see her. What wasn't great was the parking but I kept thinking how much fun we would finally have. After going through gate after gate, I finally made it to the pickup area. I waited for an hour before I saw at least a bodyguard holding up a sign that said Linda Daae. That's me. I walked up to him.

"Linda Daae? Come with me."

This guy was serious about his job. Walking through the hall I heard a rumbling behind me. I let it pass thinking it was thunder but then the guard grabbed me and started running.

"What's going on!" I screamed.

"It's a mob of screaming girls! Just run!"

Wow! Now I know why Lydia is closterfobic. A herd of 12-15 year old girls came running past us. It was scarier than the Conjuring. My feet are crushed thanks to those bull-like girls! After a terrifying fifteen seconds the bodyguard and I started walking again but he was walking faster than before. The hallway felt twice as long. After what felt like an eternity, I was finally led to a line to meet Lydia.

"I'm just here to pick her up. I'm her cab! She said we would leave as soon as I got here!"

"Sorry but rules are rules. Whenever someone wants to meet One Direction they must stand in a line even if they are picking them up."

I felt like spitting. For like another hour I stood their begging kids and their parents asking them if I could cut. For the first few parents I was able to go past them after a long story describing my situation. Then I hit the headstrong parents. I came up with a plan to crawl pass them like a female James Bond. Getting out of line I crawled in front of a mom who wasn't paying attention. Score!

Eventually I got to the front. Lydia was sitting next to her brother. She looked half bored, half excited. She probably had a coffee and it was wearing off. Going into Female James Bond mode I crawled in front of her and put on a whole act.

"I was sent to pick up the Lydia Malik of England and take her to the home of Linda Daae the First."

Her eyes lit up so fast, the speed of light wished it was faster.

"Linda! Hi! Oh my god you're here! Thank you so much for coming!"

Lydia has an on/off brittish accent. Her mom had her in America so she sounds half American.  My parents and her's use to be great friends.That's why she's my friend today. The thing is Zayn and the rest have no idea who I am. They flocked to her making a human barrier telling me to walk away and calling for security. I felt a hand grab mine and pulling me out saying I was under arrest for harrassment.

"Lydia! Help! Tell them who I am!"

She started yelling at One Direction and the guards, "Stop! She's my best friend. Get your hands off of her!"

I was thinking Aww she really cares for me!

The guards let go of me and told me to be careful. I walked back to Lydia. She and One Direction started apologizing especially Harry. I didn't pay attention I just asked Lydia if she was getting a ride or not. Nodding yes she kissed her brother and walked out with me.

Then she did something that shocked me.

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