The true of a man who always smiles

Alice is an ordinary girl who works at a photography company for celebrities and the only person who she does not know yet, is her idol: MIKA. What will happen when they enter into a conversation? Is this man the smiling guy we think we know? Perhaps, things behind the 'backstage' are different than they actually paint them.


1. Truth Be Told

I love my job, it's great. Currently I'm in a photography company for celebrities, I met Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus ... But, I haven't met my idol: MIKA. I love his songs they're so deep, it's like my whole life it's describe in a song.

"Hey, Alice Here's a client who needs a session before twelve o'clock !" Said my companion.

Good!, another one of those artists conceited require you  to close the snack bar after midnight.

I left the room, how annoy me these people!

I froze, -and that I never do-, How is that someone like him could come to our company? So... How!?

"He says that he wants you to be the one that takes the photos, it seems you have recommended. Okay! You're going to get a raise! And I will lose my job ..."

This last was said in voice really low, but I could hear him.

I smiled, and as I could, I approached the man at the door.

"Well ... If you really want it to be me who will do the photo shoot... Please, go there."

I tried to look as calm as possible, but I couldn't ... Michael Holbrook Penniman was there, looking at me with that smile... How could I not be nervous?

I took my camera, my hands were shaking, seemed to have parkinson! All photos came out blurred, all without exception.

"Oh, come on! Comes a client really famous and you can't take a single photo well!?" Said my companion.

Many times he gets kind of annoying ...

"Let us take a break" I felt a warm, sweet voice speaking, Mika.

We went outside. In London it's too cold, so Mika put his jacket over my shoulders, as he said: "Don't leave a cold and sue me for making you to get out."

This comment made ​​me laugh, I don't usually laugh often...

"It's hard, right?" He said thoughtfully.

"Huh? What?"

"Being alone... It's hard."

"Yes, yes it is, but ... how did you know?" I asked, puzzled.

"You don't know how to smile, that says it all." He paused. "Listen...You don't need to feel nervous."

"N-No, I'm not nervous at all." When he hear me say this, he began to laugh.

"Let me see your phone"

"What!? No, No way!" It was not worth anything how many times I objected, since it ended up taking off.

As soon as he turned on, he gave a big laugh shouting, "I knew it I knew it!"

I blushed, I had his picture as the background on my phone ...

Soon after, he smiled.

"Let's finish the photo shoot and dine something together do you think?"

Said and done. We finished the session and went for a drink together, the two...

"Hey, I know nothing about you, how about you tell me something about ... Your childhood, for example?"

I sighed. "Well ... When I was small, with a ... 13 years more or less, my parents died in a car accident shortly after I dove into a hatred towards me and others, some people were bullying me, I marginalized... Although, all that changed when I started listening to your music ..."

"Wow, I'm flattered, I ... I know you know my story, but I would tell it to you personally, because you have suffered something similar. When I was little, they used to throw things and calling me fagot, I stopped talking, and then I stopped writing and reading. was horrible... I felt like I had no one, as if the whole world that speaks out to insult. I felt useless. But I escaped, I got something better than that: music. "

"Really, I'm glad you did, if not, I don't even know what to do."

Both laughed.

That man is not as he is painted, that man is gentle, kind, dresses well ... But besides that, he, like everyone else, have fears, insecurities... He isn't a toy who is always smiling, he also has feelings and that, for some reason, no one understands.

"What are you afraid of?" I asked.

"Spiders.It's as if it's were to jump to your face and suddenly they eat you. I hate them are so disgusting."

We started to laugh, I hate spiders, I'm afraid.

He stared at my blue eyes.

"It's weird."


"I feel so good with you ... And I do not even know."

"You don't need to know me to feel good."

He smiled.

"I guess, to me known in what could be called the 'backstage' must have changed your impression of me."

"Yes, but it's always good."



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