A Phantom of Time

Barbie was a regular 16 year old living in Los Angeles. All the boys want to be her's. One day when she was walking home she was confronted by an odd man. He claimed he saves the world from people who destroy it. Lightning comes out of nowhere and Barbie is blinded. She finds herself underneath LA. What'll she do?


1. Life Before

I never was the prettiest girl in class but everyone liked me because I was nice. I heard all the boys talk about me. Well let me start on what I'm like. I love sports, music, and being someone who won't be changed. All the other girls think I'm weird being a tomboy but when they see boys looking at me they end up in the nurse's office with a bloody nose after catching a basketball in the face. Girly girls at my school can walk the hallway but not a waxed gym floor. I am the outsider everyone thinks is weird except a few.

My day started normal like every other Friday. I woke up, ate breakfeast, and got on the bus. I was talking to my best friend, Catherine about my crush Oliver. He was the cutest boy in the school and everyone wanted to be his. Even Catherine liked him once but moved on when she learned that he dated her sister for a month. Then a sudden thought came to my head that I had to yell out for some reason like I was posessed to: what if you were made of plastic to the point of looking perfect?

Catherine looked at me like I had two alien heads, "Where did that come from?"

I snapped out of my trance and looked out the window, "I really don't know. Its like I had to blurt it out!"

While looking out the window when we were stopped at the red light, I saw an odd man looking straight at me. There was no mistake he was only looking at me and not the bus or my friends. It was strange. I felt a wave of hate and love. Love? I just thought he was a mental guy the police allow to walk around like he's normal.

"Catherine, do you see that mental guy on the street next to me? He keeps looking at me."

"What dude? Barbie are you okay?" she blurted out loud enough so that my enemy, Rachel, could hear.

"Yea Barbie, why don't you go back to your basketballs? And catch one in the face for me!" I had 'accidentally' threw the ball at her face.

That's when I saw the kid she was sitting next to. Oliver. He had his arm around her shoulder and when he looked back he was laughing too. I was legally dead for a few seconds. Catherine saw I was distressed and she apoligized for what she did. I couldn't hear her over my thoughts pounding against my skull.

No. No. No! She knew I liked him! Out of all the girls he picked the biggest bi*ch in the whole school! He will regret it!

I walked to the front of the bus and asked the driver to pull over and let me walk the rest of way. At first she was reluctant but she promised to check on me to see if I made. I looked over to Rachel and Oliver. Rachel had the biggest smirk on her face telling me she just won the war. Oliver looked concerned. For me or Rachel I didn't know. I ran off the bus and waved Catherine off telling her I'll make on time. That's when I saw him.



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