The Last Letter

A short Story.


1. One And Only

I had known her my entire life and even though she was rich and beautiful, I was never jealous of neither her wealth nor her beauty. I only envied her for one thing and one thing only. 

She had the ability of possessing the most precious thing I've ever seen. 

It was about a year ago. I was down in the port and i was about to ask her if I could come with her when I saw you talking her. You were laughing and talking and as i watched you boarding onto the ship and going away i realized how jealous I was of her. 

You were the only thing that made me jealous of her and capable of destroying my friendship with her. My love for you had blinded me. 

That was why I had to go back and face the reality. I could not hide any more. I knew that they would kill me if I even dared to approach the city and I had to. 

I could not live with the thought that I let her die in my place, that I let her sacrifice herself to save us. 

I loved you with all my heart. I f you loved even for a split second, please understand the reason behind my actions. 

I could not hide for the rest of my life knowing that she died to save me. 

After all those things she had done for me, it was my duty to give my life for her. I owe her that much. I cannot let her die. She did not deserve this. 

She was my best friend. I could not let her die. I wouldn't. 

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