The Vampires *one direction*

I was going to move so i was going to share a house with 5 boys i chose to do it it was my falt *find out more so read* ~Hannah


1. Move out day

Ashley's Pov...It was the day that i was going to move i had no parents they died when i was like 17 years old so i could not give kisses or hugs i walk out my parents house and shut the door got my bags and stuff and hopped in my jeep wrangler the color of it was blue well anyway i hooped in my jeep and drove off to my new house with 5 boys i then got to the new house it was a big house i knocked and a blonde guy opened the door i thought he was a little cute he said who are you i am Ashley the girl that is going to share the house with you guys he said come on in he had a smirk on his face i saw the rest of the boys one said i am Harry one said i am niall that was the one that opened the door on me one said i am Liam one said i am Louis one said i am Zayn i thought he was hot after them saying names they said whats yours i said Ashley Niall said thats a pretty name i said thanks Harry hit him some reason but in a second i saw fangs come out from Harry i headed to the door and the boys said where are you going i said nothing i was close to the door Harry ran in front of me real fast like a vampire i go scared Harry dragged me up stairs i stared screaming but he put his hand around my mouth i tried to move his hand but i could not he was to strong  i tried my best.                                                                                            Thanks for reading my new story hoped you liked it well please favor and like and comment thanks bye!~Hannah

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