The getaway

Kathryn and Ari are in college and they've been on the run for years and they just barely manage to escape everytime their father attacks. They find their brother in a high school and Kathryn has a premonition about a little sister. How far are they willing to go to protect their younger siblings?


1. Intro

    Sometimes in life you see things that you never thought were possible. Yes, well that’s                             us. 

    “Kathryn, what is the answer to this question?” I said as I pointed at my organic chemistry homework. Kathryn is not your ordinary college girl and neither am I.  My kid sister of age 18 is a brainiac and I don’t mean just text book and number kind of smarts. She has already passed me by through college as I finish up my senior year at the age of 22. You ask her a question any question in the world and she can answer it. I dare you to try. 
“You know if you stopped writing this story and focused on your homework you might be able to figure it out for yourself.”
 “It would take me hours if I tried to figure it out but if you came over and looked at it you would know it on the spot. Maybe I want the world to remember us.” 
“What makes you think we are going to die?” 
“What makes you think we are not?”
    If you are wondering what I mean by this I will explain. My sister and I are not your average human college girls even though we look like it. We hide ourselves from reality. We look like normal college students but you should get to know the real us. My sister and I have powers. Besides my sister being really super smart she also has telepathy. Maybe that’s why she skipped six grades.
 “I didn’t cheat.” 
“Get out of my head.” 
“Quit thinking so loud” 
So anyway, those are my sisters powers. My powers are: healing, shape shifting and teleportation.
     We can’t tell you why we have these powers because we don’t really know ourselves. We have been on our own since I was 12 and she was 8. Don’t worry, our powers got us around pretty well. All we know is that our mother Mary was a very powerful woman with many enemies that hated her power. That’s why no one can know who or what we really are. Our mothers’ killer is already in search of us. Over the years he has caught up with us but we were fortunate enough to get away every time. So there you have it, two ordinary girls, with not so ordinary lives, hence the powers. 

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