kiddnapped by one direction

i was just walking along the train track with my friends when five blonde/brown haired boys ran past me and spilled my coffee all of a sudden I was in their room!!


1. kiddnapped

*megans pov*

i was talking on the phone to Lilly my BFF when five boys ran past me and spilled my coffee all down my Paris top!!!! the blonde one said "OMG im so sorry" and than picked me up i blacked out after that so i didn`t really see much but when i woke up i was  freaking out i screamed " AHHHHHH where am I?????!!!" a curly haired dude came in and said " WHATS WRONG" i stared at him in shock. he was harry styles i screamed again "YOU>>YOU KIDNAPPED ME!!"

now it was his turn he stared at me in shock and then the other boys of one direction came in " WHATS GOING ON DOW.... oh hi" they said to me i said calmly "why did you kidnap me?" they just laughed and said " no we saved your life you would have been eaten alive by fans if we wasn``t there" i laughed " i should be going now bye " i scrolled threw my contacts to fine there numbers in my phone my mouth was open at this time .Louis said "close your mouth or you will catch flies" i closed my gob. liam said after he hung up on the phone "looks like you won`t be going home for a while" i screamed " WHATTT!" at this point Zayn had to cover my mouth

he said "shh" i was tired so me being me fell asleep. i heard Niall say "well at least she`s quiet i jumped up from Zayns arms and slapped niall across the cheek then went back to sleep on the couch i heard niall also say "OWWWW THAT HURT" and then i am guessing Harry put his hand to nialls lips becasuse i heard muffled word coming out from his mouth.

3 hours later

i woke up and liam said " DINNER" i got up and Niall zommed past me and i fell into Zayns arms i whispeard a quick "sorry" to zayn before leaving him after we had dinner  we decided to play truth or dare Louis was starting.

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