Death Angels-01

Join Phsylocke, Deadpool, Wolverine and Domino otherwise known as the Death Angels, as they beet the *@!? out of Magneto. That's all i need to say, it does sound awesome right?


1. Prologue

“Hey I’m Deadpool, I’m a part of this Kick ass team called the Death Angels, I’m not the leader, Phsylocke is. She couldn’t make it though, she umm, she tripped over my foot and banged her head on a hammer.”

“Yeah! That’s a great story, everyone will fall for that.”

So we don’t tell them about, you knocking her out, along with Domino and Wolverine?”

“Heh Heh, Umm. That didn’t happen. But as you heard, YES! The lovely beautiful Domino is in the Death angels, as well as the stinky yet awesome Wolverine! I never chose the name I wanted to go with something like, Deadpool and the other three! Anyway join us as we whoop the *@!? out of magneto and I almost get killed by Domino.”

“Ooh! I like it, 10/10!”

I agree. It really brings out our eyes!”

“Thats that’s enough from me! I’m gonna try and wake ‘The other three’ up now. And then get some chimmy chongas! You can go now. Bye!”

“BYE! Love yah!”

Hmmm. Seriously go! Before he takes his pants of. *SIGH*”

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