The note. (O2L FANFICTION)

Isabella is your normal 17 year old girl. Her two bestfriends are called Zoey and Sarah. One day when Isabella and Sarah were passing notes in class Sarah falls asleep and when Isabella drops the note on the ground her crush Jc Caylen that sits next to Sarah finds the note...

What does the note say?

And what does Jc do?


1. Chapter 1.

Isabella's P.O.V

"Why can't I be Natalie? I mean she is literally perfect." I moaned to Sarah and Zoey.

"I know right it is so unfair." Sarah said

"She is pretty and nice sometimes. Apparently she is a huge party animal and likes getting drunk." Zoey said.

"Oh well. She is lucky that she goes out with Jc." I said.

"Okay is Jc his real name or Nickname?" Sarah asked

"It's his Nickname. His real name is Justin." I said.

"And how do you know that?" Sarah asked

"His YouTube channel." I said.

"Oh yeah haha I forgot" Sarah said. 

"You guys are so lucky that your in English 1st Period together." Zoey whined.

"Don't worry it's the only class that we aren't together in we are all in the same classes for everything besides English." Sarah reminded Zoey.


"Well thats the bell better get to class." I said.

We all linked arms and walked to class.


Sarah's P.O.V

When we got to Class Zoey left and me and Isabella walked in. When we looked at the desks they had names on them.

"I guess we have assigned seating." I said.

"Mmhm. Lets look for our seats." Bella said.

When we found my seat we saw that Bella was sitting in front of me. Just before class started this boy sat next to me and I never took any notice. I looked to the side slightly and realized that Jc was sitting next to me. When the teacher walked in and started talking I ripped out a piece of paper out of my book and wrote a note to Bella.


Bella look at who's sitting next to me.


I folded the paper up and threw the note onto Bella's desk.


Isabella's P.O.V

When I saw the paper on my desk I slowly opened it and read the note. I slowly turned my head around till I saw Jc. I couldn't stop looking when he looked at me he smiled and I panicked and Just looked back at the front.


OMG He is so cute. I have no chance with him :( 


I dropped the note behind me and waited for a reply. When the note flew on my desk I opened it again and saw 


You might if Jc and Natalie Break up. Besides He's just a boy.


I replied with


He doesn't even know that I exist... I know but Nevermind lets get back to work.


I dropped the note behind me and got back to work. 


*When English finished*


"OMG sarah are you sure you didn't get the note?" I said freaking out.

"I did when I replied with You Might if Jc and Natalie Broke up." Sarah said.

"So you didn't get my last message?" I said.

"No I fell asleep." Sarah said.

"Lets just hope that whoever got the note won't tell anyone." I said

"Yes. Now lets go find Zoey." Sarah said

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