The Secret of the Stone

In the sequel to "The Secret in the Woods", the four girls, Serena, Lily, Jay, and Amber, are back! But, will they have to courage to persevere when they're pushed to their limits physically, mentally, and emotionally? How will they get along when five mysterious boys arrive at the door of their safe haven? Traitors, heart break, deaths, and friendship.


1. Rude Introductions

          "She's been bit!"

          A cry rang through the clearing, startling the five boys who were walking toward the intricate treehouse.  

          All of the sudden, a figure came crashing into the clearing, and sprinted toward the treehouse that towered over the surrounding ferns and dead pine needles.  She whizzed past the startled boys, her strawberry blonde hair streaming behind her, and her red highlights glinted like gold in the afternoon sun.  All the boy's eyes followed her as she ran straight to the front door and let herself in.

          They could hear her screaming something from inside, and they looked at each other before sprinting with the intention of helping.  But just as they reached the entrance, the girl with the golden hair practically flew past them, along with two other girls.  The golden girl left fire in her wake.  There were literally flames where her feet had left the earth.  As for the other girls, one had left behind puddles in the dirt, and the third girl was nowhere to be seen, but there was a doe that gracefully followed the other two girls with a leather satchel strapped across its neck.  The boys stood there in bewilderment.  They gaped at the two girls and the doe, even as they disappeared into the trees.


          "Is she gonna be okay?" the tallest of the group of boys spoke up from his slouched position in the corner of the living room.

          "She should be alright.  But walking around with that snake bite definitely didn't help," Lily stood up from the plush couch and walked toward the kitchen.  "You guys hungry?"

          A few minutes later, the group of eight sat around the dinner table munching on Cheetos.

          Suddenly, the door smashed against the wall, making them all jump, Cheetos flying everywhere.  In the doorway stood Jay, her eyes black with fury.

          "What are they doing here?" she demanded, her fists clenched at her sides.

          "Oh, yeah.  Forgot to mention that," Amber said sheepishly.

          "Forgot to tell us what?" a short boy who introduced himself as Max asked.

          "We forgot to mention that our other member doesn't exactly want you here," Amber explained.

          "DIDN'T EXACTLY WANT YOU HERE?  We've been holding on our own for years.  What makes you think that we suddenly need you now?!" Jay exploded, then promptly jumped out a window.

          To the other boys, it probably looked like she had committed suicide, but the girls all knew that after a few seconds of free fall, Jay would unfurl her massive jay wings and probably create a storm so fierce, it would show up on radars everywhere.  They sat in silence for a while, waiting for the initial impact of her fury to hit them.  When Jay is angry, the skies always reflect her moods.

          When the first burst hit the powerful group, their soda splashed out of their glasses and two of the frightened new comers went sprawling across the floor.  The girls took a second to relish the scene before them, because they knew that they would probably never be able to see the boys that shaken ever again.

          The storm raged on, causing books to thud to the floor and the house to shake wildly.  The girls calmly continued eating while the boys gaped at them in shock and fear.

          A tall, skinny boy with glasses quietly spoke up, "Um, does this happen often?"

          Serena looked over at him. "I advise you to get used to it, four eyes."

          "I'll take that as a yes," he said, "Oh, and by the way, my name's Nick."


          After half hour of the raging storm, the force of it slowly diminished until there were only a few scattered storm clouds.  A weary but satisfied Jay flew in the dining room and immediately demanded a family meeting.  At this, the three other girls cast sidelong glances at each other, but followed Jay into the training room.  

          "How could you do this?" Jay demanded.  "After all we've been through you go behind my back, invite strangers to "help" us, and show them everything about our powers?!  How do we know they aren't going to turn us in and make us science projects!  How do we know..."

          Meanwhile, in the other room, the five dark-haired guys glanced at each other warily, all asking the same unspoken question; whether or not they should intervene.  After a few moments, they all came to the unanimous answer: no, definitely not.

          Once the girls had stopped screaming at each other and the room stopped crawling with vines, dripping with water, thundering, and becoming extremely hot, the four girls emerged, looking like they had just come out of a salon. The boys stood, their jaws on the floor, wondering how they could possibly look so calm and collected after a fight that would have left anyone else needing a week in the mental hospital.

          "So," Serena said with an air of formality, "As most of you know, we are here to discuss the matter of the mysterious stone."  She said this while avoiding Jay's withering looks.

          "Wait, wait." Lily said her arms out as if she were an umpire declaring a baseball player safe. "I think we should get to know each other a little more before we start sharing the questions of our mere existence."

          The tallest boy with the black hair sighed. "Okay, I'm Ash.  My sphere of influence is death," he said, and in his open hand, there appeared a patch of dirt with a skeleton erupting out of the ground. 

          "Oh." Lily muttered, "Lovely."

          A boy who looked much like the first, but with blue eyes introduced himself next. "I'm Luke. My sphere of influence is shadows and darkness." He too demonstrated his powers: a mass of swirling darkness in his outstretched hand.

          Thirdly, the bulkiest guy spoke up. "I'm Max," he said, "and I control lava."  His bright curly orange hair erupted like a volcano, spraying molten rock everywhere.

          Serena extinguished all of the flaming rock particles before they hit the polished wood floor.

          Next, a tall boy with swept brown hair and blue eyes cleared his throat, "Uh, my name's Matt, and my power is rock."  Out of nowhere, a huge rock appeared in his hand and he held it without straining himself.

          Finally, a gangly guy in the back stepped forward awkwardly. "Ahem. I am Nick, and I have powers over chemicals."  A miniature explosion went off in his hand, and he blushed.

          "Well," Amber said after an uncomfortable pause, "Uh, I guess we get to tell you about ourselves now, don't we?"

          "I'll go first," Serena said confidently.  "My name's Serena, and in case you haven't noticed, I have control over water." She made a tiny fountain spring to life in both of her cupped hands.

          "I'm Amber," Amber said, "and my element is fire."  The room heated up about twenty degrees and a small flame licked up her hand.

          "My name is Lily, and I control the earth."  A small bird flew through the window and landed on her shoulder and vines creeped up her arms.

          Jay rolled her eyes, but spoke anyway. "I'm Jay. I influence weather."  In her hand, a scene of mass destruction appeared, tornadoes, hurricanes, and lightning.

          "Yeah, uh, I think we get it," Matt said, to which Jay's eyes darkened three shades of gray.

          "Jay, do you have something you want to say to our guests?" Lily asked.

          She turned to face Lily, her expression soft now, replaced by a look of pure disdain. The three other girls all crossed their arms in unison, and Jay realized that there was no point in arguing. 

          Nearly inaudibly, Jay muttered, "I'msorryIthrewthattantrumandscaredyouandgaveyouthewrongimpresionofwhoweareweactuallydoneedyourhelpandIwaswrong."

          Smirking, Ash asked, "Uh, what was that? Didn't quite catch it."

          Jay stared daggers at him, but repeated what she said one more time. "I'm sorry I threw that tantrum and scared you, and gave you the wrong impression of who we are. We actually do need your help and I was wrong."

          "That wasn't that hard, was it?" Luke asked sarcastically.

          "Oh, I forgot one thing," Jay said, and a look of confusion flashed across the girls' faces. "You should sleep with one eye open if you want to survive the night." She threatened Luke with a sneer.

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