Camp Half-Direction

One Direction just finished their last concert in LI of their Take Me Home tour. They were on their way home, when something hit the bus. They get out, see a ginormous minetore, and run into the woods. They find camp half blood and run inside. They find out their half-bloods with the acceptation of Zayn. They meet the Percy Jackson crew and the new characters that were created based on the authors, and they have an amazing adventure of love, fun, hilariousness, and monsters. Madison(the directioner) and Julia(the demigod) joined forces to make this amazing fanfic, we hope you enjoy and we'll keep you posted. ;)


1. The Great Chase

*Author's note*

Hi guys! This is our very first fan fiction, but we both have some experience with writing. We both have millions of ideas, but we are open to new ones. If you have any ideas or funny scenes with Louis and Leo or romance ideas just let us know! We hope you like our book! Keep opened minded while reading because with fanfic, anything is possible! And like all book fan fictions, here's the disclaimer:

We do not own PJO! It would be really cool if we did, but sadly we don't. It is owned by the amazing Rick Riordan. And if we did, Percabeth would not be stuck in the UNDERWORLD. Enjoy the Fan fiction!

Chapter 1

Harry's POV:

We just finished the tour and the fans were awesome! We packed up our stuff and hopped into the tour bus. For a while we were just goofing around(as usual). We played mum ball, hack-e-sack, and some football(but that was VERY hard which made it fun ha-ha). Zayn fell asleep and Louis pulled pranks. Classic Lou! We joked and talked some more, then all of a sudden there was a big bang and we all fell to the floor. "Harry did you fart again?! Does this have to happen every taco Tuesday?" Louis screamed. "Ummmm... that wasn't me guys" I said nervously. Liam ran to the window "Guys, what is that thing?" I ran to the window to see if Liam was serious or if he saw a spoon. I saw this enormous bull type creature. The bus driver saw what we were talking about and got so scared that he ran straight out of the bus running for his life. I Looked at the boys; if our bus driver Bob was scared then we should be running for our lives. I grabbed some of my close belongings and stared to leave the bus. My friends did the same thing. we opened the door and stared creping tours the back of the bus so that monster couldn't see use. when we got to back of the bus I got a good look of every ones faces. Niall face was filled with horror. Liam looked like he was constipated, Zayn looked like he just wet his pants. and Louis facial expression screamed "I want my mummy". The monster roared, I knew if we made a run for it we could probably reach the nearest sign of society. The monster started to come closer and closer to the back of the tour bus. We went to the other side of the bus to play a game of "forever tag" to make it dizzy. After we chased him around for a while we made a run for the woods, the beast following. It felt like we were running for hours and I was about to jump on Zayn for a piggy back ride. We were losing speed while the beast was gaining, we were running out of energy.  We ran for a little while longer until I  spotted a sign. I couldn't read it at first, it looked like some foreign language, but then the letters switched around and it read, "Camp Half Blood". I showed the boys and we all ran through. It felt like we were going through some kind of portal. Then we looked back at the beast and it couldn't come after us, like we ran through a solid wall that he couldn't get through. After we knew we were safe, I caught my breath and looked around at this strange place we walked into. I knew I could collapse at any moment. Then we saw a group of people running towards us. "you guys are right, it is one direction, does that thing chase all our new camp members?" said the kid with the dark hair and the pen. "Cool you were right! Maybe I can make some money off autographs" said the girl with the electric blue eyes. Then I heard two girls scream, "One Direction! I told you guys they were coming!" I was going to collapse but I could make out the shape of a blonde and brunette. The last thing I saw before I collapsed was a beautiful girl with blonde wavy hair and stern gray eyes. Then everything went black.

*authors note*

Hope you guys liked the first chapter! Chapter two in progress;)




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