Phoenix Rising

Phoenicia is a world of people who are like the phoenix, when they die they go up in flames, but they aren't reborn from the ashes. They have a caste system and are slaves to a Tyrant. He calls himself 'Ignis Magister'. The Fire Master. And the people haven't had powers of any kind in generations, that's why he still rules, and hasn't died.....yet.


1. Short History

Phoenicia Is the land of people who used to have the power of a Phoenix. They could be reborn, if they chose. Now, they just die in a burst of flame. They have a caste system ruled by a Tyrant, a devil king, they all call him 'Ignis Magister', or Fire Master. He still has the power of a phoenix, and he controls Fire. The peoples loss of power is why he rules the world still. And for a unknown reason he can not die.

Some of the Old Bloods, Elders, say that their was a kind queen at his side that was killed and has yet to be reborn. Others claim that a prophesy was told by The Phoenix before it died. But the Young Bloods, children and adults, don't believe their mumbling around the table.

But, recently their have been more murmurs and whispers. Guards walk through the street, Old Bloods are dyeing faster and closer together. Someone has spread word of A Kill years ago......Ignis Magister had all the babies to ten year olds killed. Some think it is going to happen again, or something like it.


*I As the story teller should inform you that The Phoenicia People are not the type to rebel....but they are sick of their castes and the way he rules.*

Caste System;

Ruler(Fire Master)

Royal Adviser's(James, Kenly, Sadu.)

The Rich(Lords, Shop Owners, Doctors, etc.)

Royal Guard

Army/Guard(Generals, Lieutenant, Capitan, Major, Colonial, Foot Soldier, etc.)

Teachers(English, Math, etc. Martial Arts, Karate, Sword Fighting, Archery, etc.)

Artisans(Painters, Singers, Musicians)

Merchants(Market Owners, Peddlers)

Makers(Work In Factories, Architects, Furniture Makers)

Healers(Midwifes, Doctors, Nurses)

Servants(Free People Who Work In Homes And Stores)

Slaves(Not Free, Unpaid, Poor)

Beggars(Used To Be Slaves, Live On The Street, etc.)




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