Wordsmith's poem


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I am a Wordsmith,

The parchment and quill are my shield and sword.

Words are my attacks,

but also my heart and soul that are everything I feel.

My written word holds the power that I cannot fathom,

they bring people to tears, 

to laughter and rage,

and sometimes to solace.

I am a Wordsmith,

'Tis simple as that you see.

I am not the strongest,

nor am i the smartest,

but I use that which I can to convey my message,

for my spoken word oft times fails me so,

and my heart often grows weary from my endeavors,

so i pick up my quill once again.

I sit and write,

the ink drying fast,

preserving what I can of myself before madness sets in.

Few truly realize the depth i can have,

for so few will sit and read the written word. 

I never have been good with speech,

but I find it so humorous that thesewords which I write can move one to tears,

so tell me,

am i alone forever forced to write my poems until i am dead,

or might peple actually take time and find i am not all that i seem,


the candle grows dim and I must end,

I must end that which I began,

I am a wordsmith,

Proudly so until i die,

And then i still live on in that which I once created so eagerly. 

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