Shayna's mom is single since her dad passed away and now here and her mom have to move across the world I the United Kingdom. She is not to happy about moving but little does she know that she will fall head over heels for a boy at her school named Harry Styles. Will she become happy? Will she make new friends? Will the make it together? Who knows?


2. School.

Harry's POV: 

I woke up at 5:30 am and got out of bed. It was Monday morning and it was time for school. I put on a grey t-shirt, blue plaid shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, and white converse. When I got down stairs it was 5:45 so I made cereal. 

Mom:Morning Sweetie


When I got done with breakfast I put my bowl in the sink and went to go get my backpack. 

Harry: Bye mom

Mom: Bye sweetie, have a good day. 

I walked outside to the bus stop and stood there. The! a girl walked up, I've never seen her before here. I looked at her and she had long dirty blonde hair, and bluish green eyes. She was very pretty. I knew she knew I was looking at her so I looked away. Right when I was going to introduce myself but the bus came. I walked on and say down.

When we arrived at the school I it off the bus and looked for her. Once I found her I walked up next to her.


Girl:Oh uh, hi

Harry:I'm Harry, I'm guessing your new?

Girl:Yea I am, and I'm Shayna

We got to the door and I held it open for her. She smiled and walked in. 

Harry:Would you like me to show you to the office?

Shayna:Yes please

I walked with her through the halls and then we reached the office. 

Harry:Well here's the office

Shayna: Thanks for showing me, see you around.

She walked in the door and I walked away to my locker. The time was 6:10 and we had 20 minutes until it was time for class. I just stood at my locker. Until 5 minutes later when I saw that Shayna was standing at the locker next to me. I glanced over at her because she didn't realize it was me. 

 A few minutes passed and she still hadn't noticed me. It also seem that she couldn't get her locker open.

Harry: Here let me help you, what's your combo?

Shayna: um... 13-21-19 

I got her locker open and she just looked at me and smiled.

Shayna: Oh yea thank you

Harry: No problem 

She put her bag into her locker.  

Harry: So what's your first class? 

Shayna: Uhh reading.

Harry: Oh cool, that's my first period class. You can follow me to class then.

The bell rang and she followed me to class. I sat down where there where to empty seats. I say down and she say next to me.








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