Shayna's mom is single since her dad passed away and now here and her mom have to move across the world I the United Kingdom. She is not to happy about moving but little does she know that she will fall head over heels for a boy at her school named Harry Styles. Will she become happy? Will she make new friends? Will the make it together? Who knows?


1. Moving day!

Shayna's POV: 

"WAKE UP!!" Screamed my mom, "We're going to be late!" 

Ugh. Today was the day we were moving. Worst of all it was half way around the country to the United Kingdom. 

I climbed out of bed and put on some clothes. I grabbed my suitcases and went downstairs.

Shayna: Coming mom

Mom: It's about time, now hurry up we can't miss the plane.

We walked outside and put our suitcases in the trunk. The car ride was silent until we got on the highway. 

Mom: Look sweetie I understand that you don want to move to the UK but we are going through  rough times and I got offered this job so I need to take it. 

Shayna: Mom I know you've told me, I'm just going to miss my friends and I'm not excited for a new school.

Mom: I'm sorry you have to leave them and go to a new school but we will get through this. 

Right when she said that we arrived at the airport we parked in a parking lot that took our car to our new house. We got our bags out and walked inside the airport. We got our bags checked in, passed security, and sat down. 

Shayna: So this is it I suppose, I'll miss this place. 

Mom: So will I.

They called our names and we boarded the plane. The ride was about 8 hours since I lived in Pittsburgh, Pa to London. We drove to a town called Homes Chapel and then I saw our new house and it was pretty big. We went inside and it was huge. The rest of the day we moved all our boxes inside the house  and then went to bed. 

Mom: Shayna wake up its time for school. 

Today was my first day at my school called Homes Chapel Comprehensive High. I was not 
exited for this day at all.

Shayna: *sighs*

Mom: Come on Shayna you have get up, we can't have you late on your first day. 

Shayna: Yes we can. 
Mom: No we can't now get up Shayna.

Shayna: UGH! Fine!

She left the room and I got dressed into my clothes for school. I went down stairs and ate cereal. 

Shayna: BYE MOM!!!!

Mom: Bye have a good day. 

I grabbed my lunch and walked out side to my bus stop which a guy was standing at. He had curly brown hair and green eyes. I looked as the bus was coming down the street, when I felt eyes on me. I went to say something but the bus pulled up and he walked on, I followed behind him and found a empty seat and sat down.  We pulled up to the school.

"This is it,"I mumbled, "great."











Authors Note: Hey guys I'm Shayna and writing a fanfic about Harry styles! Enjoy it, like and favorite! :*

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