their love

their love was a different one; found at an end instead of a start, hidden under tides and broken hearts.


1. i

her sleepless eyes
searching for sad eyes

her bloody lips
looking for a kiss that will fill the hole inside

her tired irises
have been waiting for the one
that will give them light

her small hands
are itching to hold another hands
that will fit her scars

her smoke filled heart
seeking its soulmate
before end of life

her failing lungs
protesting for her heart
because 'the one' never found her broken parts

her lovely eyelids
fighting their way to stay open
crossing their fingers for her to feel love
before she goes to the other side

her messed up mind
giving up the fight
'i told her that love didn't exist, but she didn't want to believe' it says

her heavenly smile
sinking into the dark
she whispered goodbye to the sea
and the sky cried

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