Life as an Empath

Some people have a difficulty understanding what an empath is and what they can do. Some people even fear empaths. Well the fear and wonder is over, you just found an empath yourself and i will help you understand more about my gift.


1. What is an Empath?

What is an Empath?

Well an empath is someone who has the ability to feel or absorb someone else's emotions. Weather it be sadness, happiness, anger, distress, excitment...and many other emotions that i am too lazy to name, an empath will feel it. Some empaths feel an emotion and some abosorb emotions. Some empaths can do both (me!). Some empaths will either touch someone to absorb an emotion and some don't have to, some can just be near the person and they suck the emotion right out of the person. Empaths are always seen as annoying and nosy people but that is not the case. Empaths can actually really helpful in life...if people just gave us a chance.

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