Little Harry

He's only four years old. His life wasn't meant to end like this. My baby. My son. Gone. Forever.


7. Chapter 6

"Mister Tomlinson it's ok calm down Harry's ok." Jonathan Clark says gripping my arm. "Where is he?!" I ask frantically. "Mister Tomlinson we need to transfer Harry to the Royal London Hospital. They are better equipped to remove Harry's tumours than we are." "But that's three hours away!" "I know it is Mister Tomlinson but it's the best thing for Harry. We need to transfer him immediately. Harry is currently being stabilised. He will be sedated for the transfer. We will air lift him there. "

"Why do you have to sedate him? Can I stay at the hospital with Harry?" "Sedation is the safest way to move Harry around. He will be in a lot of pain if he wakes up. You can stay at the hospital with Harry but I'm afraid your other son cannot." "Why can't Zayn come? I'm not leaving him here. I-I can't. I don't understand." "I know you're probably frightened Mister Tomlinson but I assure you everything is going to be ok. Harry will only be at the Royal London Hospital for a few days."

"Why only a few days?" "Do you remember how we discussed the possibility of surgery?" "Yes." I choke out. "Well the best course of action to take for Harry's sake would be surgery followed by a round of chemotherapy." Jonathan says calmly. "He-he's gonna be so sick. Harry hates being sick." I say to myself. I suddenly feel faint. Dizzy. I grip the wall beside me as I slowly sink to the floor.

Zayn holds onto me tightly. "Daddy?" He asks softly. I look into his big brown eyes filled with tears. "What's going on daddy? Where's Harry? What's that chemo-thingy?" Zayn asks? His bottom lip quivering. "Is Harry gonna die daddy?" Pain shoots through my chest and right to my heart. "No Zaynie Harry's not gonna die." I say as I take him into my arms. "Harry's sleeping baby. And that chemo-thingy is gonna make Harry all better. He's gonna be ok." "Do you promise daddy? Do you promise Harry will be ok?" Zayn asks pulling away from me and looking me in the eyes. 

I gulp. "Y-yes baby. I p-promise Harry will be ok." I stutter out, knowing full well that at any moment that promise could be broken.

"Why can't I come daddy? I wanna see Harry too!" Zayn cries. Tears rolling down his cheeks. I know you do sweetie but you can't. Not yet. And it's just a few days with Uncle Liam and Niall." I try to reason with my six year old son. "But why?" Zayn asks crying harder. "I wanna make sure Harry's ok!" "Sweetie Harry's not feeling well and for a few days he needs very special care. They need to do surgery." "What's that?" "It's...Well it's..It's gonna help Harry get better." I say not wanting to tell Zayn that the doctors are gonna cut Harry open and play with his brain. 

Zayn sobs. "You're so mean daddy! Zayn yells before running off. "No, Zayn wait!" I call after him but it's too late. He disappears into his room. This is going to be a long three days..

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