Little Harry

He's only four years old. His life wasn't meant to end like this. My baby. My son. Gone. Forever.


1. Chapter 1

"Daddy? Daddy wake up!" My six year old son, Zayn whispers shaking me out of my peaceful slumber. "Hm? Zayn? What's wrong sweetie?" "Harry's making funny noises again." My eyes widen. "Ok I'm coming." I get out of bed freezing in the cool night air because I was only in my boxers and follow Zayn down to his and Harry's room. 

Zayn pushes open the door to his room. I see my four year old son Harry writhing and whimpering quietly. I sit on the edge of Harry's and Zayn's shared queen sized double bed. "Harry?" I say quietly putting my hand on his arm. "Harry wake up sweetie. " Harry let out a soft groan and his eyelids flutters open. "Daddy?" Harry croaks.

"Shh. Shh. It's ok daddy's here. I'm here." "Daddy I don't feel good." Harry says softly. "Come here baby. I've got you." I lift Harry up and sit him on my lap. Harry snuggles into me and I hug him tightly. Zayn scrabbles up onto the bed and sits beside me looking worriedly at Harry. 

I gasp. "Harry you're burning up!" Harry shrinks in on himself. He's been sick for two days now. I know that two days isn't that long but Harry has been sick on and off for the past three months. He's had really bad headaches and high temperatures."I think we should take you to the doctor tomorrow." Harry's head shoots up. "No! I don't want to go to the doctor!" I could understand why Harry didn't want to go to the doctor. He'd only ever been once and he had to get needles.

"Hey don't worry. Zayn and I will look after you. Right Zayn?" "Right!" "Ok." Harry yawns. "Do you two wanna sleep with me tonight?" I ask them. "Yes please." Harry yawns again. "Yes!" Zayn says excitedly. I chuckle quietly. "Come on then, let's go." I pick Harry up and sit him on my hip. Harry nuzzles into my neck and sighs contently. 

Zayn bounces off the bed and dances out of the room. I walk back down to my room with Harry on my hip. I go inside to see Zayn already curled up under the covers. I chuckle. "You comfy Zayn?" I ask amused. He sighs happily. "Yep." I smile down at Zayn. I place Harry down on the bed and pull back the covers. I get in bed and pull the covers back up. I feel Harry cuddle up into my chest. I wrap my arms around him.

I gently run my fingers through Harry's soft curly hair. "Daddy?" Harry asks quietly after a while. "Yes sweetie?" Harry pulls away from my chest slightly to look me in the eyes. "What's wrong with me daddy?" Harry asks whispering. Harry knows something is wrong, he just doesn't know what. "I don't know sweetie. I don't know. It's probably just a cold love, but the doctor will tell us tomorrow." 

I could see Harry's tears glistening through the darkness. "Aw sweetie don't cry. Don't cry." A tear slides down Harry's cheek and splashes against my skin. I wipe Harry's tears away and pull him back into my chest, hugging him tightly. Harry hugs me back. He sobs silently. Each sob wracking through his tiny body. "Shh." I soothe. Rubbing comforting circles into Harry's back. 

Harry soon stops crying and falls asleep in my arms. I press a lingering kiss to Harry's burning forehead before I fall into a dreamless sleep. 


The next morning I awake with a start when I feel Harry let out a pained cry. I sit up carefully so I don't disturb Harry. I look over to the other side of my bed to see Zayn sitting up and looking down worriedly at little Harry. "Daddy?" Zayn asks. "Yes love?" "What's wrong with Harry?" "I don't know. Hopefully the doctor can tell us that." I look at the clock. 9:31 am. The doctor's would be open. "Stay here with Harry and I'll go ring the doctor's." "Ok." Zayn replies nodding. 

I get out of bed and go to find the phone. I find it in the lounge room, dialing the doctor's number. "Hello, this is the Doncaster family doctor's clinic. My name is Diane. How may I be of service today?" "Yeah hi I'm Louis Tomlinson. Um I'd like to make an appointment for my son?" 

"Sure! I just need a name and an age." "Sure. Harry Edward Styles and four years old." "Right. Great! Any particular doctor you would like?" "No." "Ok. I have a ten thirty appointment with Doctor Heathrow?" "Yeah that's perfect." "Alrighty then see you later today!" "Ok." "Goodbye Mister Tomlinson!" "Goodbye." I hang up the phone and sigh in relief.

Thank gosh that's settled. I go back down to my room to see that Harry is still asleep. "Harry? Come on love. Time to get up." I was met with a pained moan. Harry slowly opens his eyes. "Daddy?" "Yes baby. It's just me." Harry reaches out towards me and makes grabby gestures with his hands. I chuckle. I pick Harry up and sit him on my lap. Harry curls up in my lap, leaning back against my chest. "Are you ok Harry?" Zayn asks sitting beside me. Harry nods into my chest. "Good." Zayn smiles.

"Do you two want breakfast?" I ask the boys. "Yes please!" Zayn announces. "Harry? Do you want breakky?" Harry thinks for a moment. "Yes please." "Alrighty then. Let's get breakfast!" I stand up and move Harry so he is sitting on my hip. Zayn runs down the hall to the kitchen. I smile and follow him. I sit Harry down on the bar stool beside Zayn who is bouncing up and down in anticipation for breakfast. 

"What would you like?" I ask. "Toast soldiers!" Zayn and Harry exclaim in unison. I laugh. "Okey dokey toast soldiers it is!" I put two pieces of toast in the toaster and push it down. A few minutes later the toast pops. I get it out and put the pieces on two separate plates. I take out the strawberry jam from the fridge and put it on both pieces of toast. I cut them up into three sections. I put a plate in front of each of the boys. "YAY!" They cheer tucking into their toast. 

I smile.I get myself a bowl of corn flakes and sit down opposite the boys and for one perfect little moment, we are just a normal happy family eating breakfast. All sickness and unhappiness forgotten. But then again it was only a moment. Once they boys finish eating they leave the table. I clean the dishes and go back to my room to get dressed. I pick out my favourite outfit to wear today. My bright red skinny jeans, black and white stripe top and suspenders. I cleaned my teeth and did my hair. I went back downstairs to see the boys curled up together on the lounge watching Curious George. I smile. "Boys! Come on it's time to get ready!" I call.

Zayn jumps off the lounge. Harry stands up slowly an grips onto the arm.Harry looks dizzy. I frown. Zayn looks back and takes Harry's hand. Harry smiles at Zayn. Zayn smiles back. The boys disappears into their room to get dressed. I suddenly hear Harry squeal and burst out laughing. 

I go into Harry and Zayn's room to see what Harry is laughing at. Harry is sitting on the floor with a big blue butterfly perched on the tip of his nose. I smile. Oh the joys of being young. "IT TICKLES!" Harry squeals. I laugh. Zayn is laughing too. The butterfly had come in through the open bedroom window. 

The butterfly flies off Harry's nose, flutters around a bit before going out the window. Harry claps his hands together. "Pretty butterfly!" He giggles. "Time to go guys." I say. Harry visibly tenses. "Don't worry love. Everything will be ok." Harry nods and stands up. He reaches his hand out to me. I take his hand in mine and walk out to the car. Zayn follows behind. I lock up the house and unlock the car. Zayn jumps in one side of the car while I lift Harry up and put him in his booster seat.

I drive to the doctors. I pull into a parking spot and turn the car off. "Daddy?" Harry asks. "Yes sweetie?" "I'm scared." He says quietly. My heart went out to little Harry. "I know sweetie I know but guess what?" "What?" Harry asks curiously. "After this we'll go get ice cream!" "ICE CREEEEAAAM!" Harry and Zayn scream in unison. I laugh. "Yes ice cream." I smiled. "Now let's go." 


I sit in the doctor's office waiting nervously for his diagnosis. "Hm. Well he's exhibiting all the signs of a normal healthy person. I don't know what's wrong with him. May I recommend taking him to the hospital to get a blood test and an MRI?" "MRI? You think that.. It's..?" "It's a possibility. Everything seems perfectly fine with him but it's better to be safe than sorry." A million thoughts are running through my head. I am worried. The doctor said that Harry was fine but suggested that I take him for a blood test and an MRI. This is not good.

"Daddy?" Harry asks. He was sitting on my knee and Zayn was sitting on my other. I hold them both tightly. "Yes love?" "What's an MRI?" "MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's a special scan that doctors use to see inside your body." Harry looked very confused. "Haha don't worry love." "Ok!" Harry beams. I smile back although I was screaming on the inside. Harry could have the C word. The very very bad C word that people died from. I couldn't say that word aloud. It only made the truth more confronting if I did.

"Alrighty then I'll ring the hospital and book an appointment for you." "Sweet thanks." "You're welcome. Is later today around one o'clock ok?" The doctor asks. "Yeah perfect!" "Great! Well just present this piece of paper to the person at reception and they'll take it from there!" 

The doctor handed my a piece of paper. "Thanks!" I smile. "You're welcome." The doctor smiles back. "Alrighty boys time to go." Harry gasps suddenly. "Daddy? Do we still get ice cream?" Harry asks hopefully. I chuckle. "Yes sweetheart we're still gonna get ice cream." Harry and Zayn high five one another. I smile at my darling children. I thank the doctor once more before leaving the clinic. I take the boys down to the little ice creamery a few streets away from the doctors.

I used to come here all the time as a kid. Once we arrive I get the boys out of the car and take Harry's hand in mine as I walk inside the shop. "Why hello there." An elderly woman smiles at us. "Hi." I smile back. "What can I get for you three?" The woman asks kindly. I look down at the boys who are eyeing all the different flavours of ice cream with wide smiles. "What do you two want?" I ask. "CHOCOLATE!" Zayn exclaims. I chuckle. "One chocolate and...Harry what would you like?" "Rainbow please." "And two rainbow." The elderly woman smiles at us. "Sure. Cup or cone?" "CONE!" Zayn says happily. "Harry?" "Can I have a cone too?" He asks, eyes all big and innocent.

"Course you can." I chuckle. "So three cones?" The woman asks. "Yes please." I Say. The lady scoops up our ice cream and puts it into the cones. "Here you are!" The woman says handing me the ice cream. I let go of Harry's tiny hand and take the ice cream. "Here you go Zayn." I say as I hand him his ice cream. "Thanks daddy!" He beams taking his ice cream and instantly starting to eat it. "And here's yours Harry!" I smile. "Thank you daddy!" Harry's says smiling up at me.

"You're welcome love." I smile. I skillfully take my wallet out of my pocket with one hand as I hold my ice cream in the other. "Here you are." I say smiling at the elderly woman as I hand her the correct money. "Thank you." She smiles. "Your welcome. Thank you for the ice cream." I say kindly. The lady smiles at me. I lead the boys out of the little shop and make the short walk to the park across the road. I sit down at a wooden table painted green as the boys run around with the cold delights.

I eat my ice cream, smiling at my children. Zayn is sitting atop the slide with chocolate ice cream all over his face. Harry wanders over to me. "Daddy?" "Yes baby?" "Can I eat your ice cream?" Harry asks. I laugh. "Haha baby our ice creams are the same!" Harry smiles a big toothy smile showing his adorable dimples. "I know but yours looks better then mine." "Oh sweetie." I chuckle. "Yes you can eat my ice cream." I say smiling at my baby. "Yay!" I give Harry my ice cream and he gives me his.

Harry sits on the grass at my feet and finishes off my ice cream. I finish his just as Zayn wanders over. I take one look at Zayn's chocolate covered face and start to laugh. Harry looks up and starts laughing too. Zayn just stands there smiling like an idiot. "Sweetie." I laugh. "You have chocolate ice cream all over your face!" Harry giggles as he looks up at his big brother. "You look like a mud monster!" Harry exclaims. "Oh yeah? RAAH!" Zayn roars at Harry. Harry squeals and gets up running away from Zayn who begins to chase him all over the park. 

I laugh at the boys as they run by me laughing and squealing. Suddenly Harry pauses. "Daddy." He whispers before collapsing onto the grass. I shoot off from my position on the chair and over to my tiny baby. Zayn is kneeling beside Harry. "Daddy!? Daddy what happened!? Why is Harry sleeping!?" Zayn asks frantically.

"He's not sleeping sweetie. He collapsed. Zayn we need to take Harry to the hospital right now." Zayn nods. "Can you unlock the car for daddy?" "Yes." Zayn says smiling. I give him a quick smile back, getting out my keys. Zayn takes the keys and runs to the car to unlock it. I pick tiny Harry up and hold him In my arms. A pained expression is painted on Harry's features and the colur is rapidly draining from his face. I carefully but quickly hurry over to the car.

I open the car door and place Harry down in the seat beside Zayn. "Here you are daddy." Zayn says handing me back the keys. "Thanks sweetie. Can you look after Harry for me while I drive us to the hospital?" "Yes." Zayn says a determined look on his face. Zayn is so protective over Harry, won't ever let him get hurt. It's adorable. "Thanks love." I run round to my side of the car and jump in ready to go.


"Well Mister Tomlinson I'm afraid it's bad news." A doctor tell me. I'm sitting on the edge of Harry's hospital bed with Zayn in my lap. Harry is still unconscious from earlier. The doctors gave Harry an MRI and PET scan. "W-what kind of bad news?" I ask nervously. I'm scared. The doctor sighs sadly. "Mister Tomlinson I'm afraid your son has primitive neuroectodermal tumors or PNET for short, cancer in the brain." My jaw drops. "B-but h-he's only four!" "Yes well PNET can be found in children as young as three years old." "I-I.." I don't know what to say. I'm now terrified. Harry DOES have cancer.

I can't lose my baby. I sit there frozen. "I understand that this is a lot to take in but-." "ALOT TO TAKE IN!? MY SON HAS CANCER! HOW CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?" I shriek. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO HEAR THAT!?" "No." The doctor replies calmly. "I know you're upset Mister Tomlinson but please try to calm down. I can't say anything. All the words I want to scream out are caught in my throat. Tears prick at the corners of my eyes.

"Daddy?" Zayn asks. "Hm? Yes sweetie?" "What's cancer?" "Cancer is..Well it' will make you very sick." I tell Zayn quietly. "Will Harry be ok?" Zayn asks looking up at me with wide eyes. "I-I don't know sweetheart. I don't know..."


Author's Note


Haaaay guys! Ok so this is my new story called Little Harry. Tell me what you think and wether or not you think I should continue. I had surgery on Tuesday and waking up from the anesthetic is a bitch. Haha so yeah please like favourite and comment and I'll love you forever! Oh! And if anybody wants to talk to me and you have Kik I'll give you my username and we can talk! WOO! Kay I'm done... haha yeah ok I'll talk to all you lovely beautiful people later. Bye byeee! Love ya. XX. MCS.

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