Wishing well

What would you do if your plane crashed on an uninhabited island?


1. Where am I?

As I woke up stranded on an island I thought to myself. “What just happend? Where am I? How did I get here?”. Little did I know I was on a plane going to Australia but my plane crashed on an island northeast of Australia and about 500 miles south of Papua New Guinea. As I stood up not knowing what to do or where to go, I saw a man about 5’ 6” with olive tone skin and a scar on  his right cheek. I kept walking towards the man. As I was two feet away from him I heard I a voice.


“Help...please help me i’m hurt” I walked even faster to the man just laying on his back. I told him “I’m here it’s okay you're not alone everything will be alright.” As I finished talking to the gentlemen I took a few minutes to glance at the islands surroundings, all I saw were miles of white sand and no trace of human life beside the guy I don't even know. Looking around the island for anything edible to eat I found a door that belonged to a 787 Jet.


“If there is a door there must be other plane parts” The man said, limping to get over to the women. “Holy fudge, don't startle me like that” I said in terror. “Sorry ma’am didn't mean to spook you like if I were a ghost, but i do have to say I feel like we are going to be here for a while. So what is your name?” The man said while looking around for some food.


“My name is Celina with a C, what about you?” I said with a slight attitude. “Nice to meet ya Celina i’m Mark, with an M” As Mark and Celina kept walking to find some food they found some bananas and coconuts.


“We need to be able to survive and gather everyday essentials” Said Mark while grabbing some fire wood to build a fire for the night when it gets chilly out.


“I will go looking for something so we could fish and hunt with and some basic food to survive the next few days. So while I do that I think it would be best for you to find wood for our own teepees.” I said.


While walking barefoot I got pinched by a crab, and I descended to the ground. “OUCH, MARK HELP, MARK I NEED HELP!”  “Celina? Is that you?” “WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE MARK?” “Oh yeah.. I’m coming over now” mark shouted. “Just follow the sound of my voice”


While Mark was following Celinas voice he saw her in the distance. “Im here its okay, just tell me what happened” “Well I got pinched by a crab on my toe and it really hurts” I whimpered.

“There is nothing I can really do yet.. there no fresh water so I can't give you water. But what I can do is grab a banana leaf and wrap it around the wound. Are you bleeding though?”

“Nothing much, just a little. I can tough it out” I said while shaking while trying to get off the ground.

As the hours passed, I was still looking for a hunting utensil and found more bananas along with coconuts instead of hunting gear.

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