When savannah finds the love of her life, zayn malik after being locked up in a mental hospital for attempting suicide, she runs away from her real life to live with her boyfriend the band and her best friend who is seeing niall horan, will she be found, will she last to being irresistabe to zayn, wil he be irresistable to her for life, find out


1. he loves me

Today is my first day of eighth grade, i don't have any friends at all, and and the fact that i'm bullied every day by four guys doesn't help my spirits much, i nearly committed suicide, but my older brother mike pulled the gun away from my head and out of my hand and called our parents, which happen to be cops:/

"Miss alexanders, head up now" the math teacher says, so much for a good impression

"What a dork" i hear a boy say, i ignore him and get out a notebook to doodle in, when the teacher sees im drawing him dead on the ground and me standing over him he rips my whole notebook in two and pushes me outside so he can teach the class,

i pull out my phone and text my friend kylie -got sent out of class already-


-drew the teacher dead on my notebook, and then he just ripped the whole thing in half-

-dude, your brother is gonna kill you-

-not if he doesn't find out-

"Miss, go to the office, Kyle will walk you down" a tall blonde boy with big blue eyes walks out, i pull myself to my feet

"Nice to know you dont trust me to walk to the office" i say and turn around and start walking, kyle runs to catch up with me

"You could be a little more respectful to the teachers you know" the boy says looking over at me

"And who are you to tell me what to do" i reply sarcastically, he grabs my shoulder and stops, forcing me to turn and look at him

"Hey, i respect you, not because i want to, but because its the right thing to do" i just stare at him, then he grabs my wrists and squuzes them as hard as he can, and i see his biceps bulge out of him upper arms, and i feel my hands going numb and my wrists closing in

"Ok ill respect the damn teachers", he let go and i rubbed my wrists the rest of the way to the office, i'm let directly into the principles office, and  Kyle sat in a chair to wait on me

"miss Alexander's please take a seat" the principle says, i plop down in the chair across from him 

"i don't get why i'm hear Mr. Haugen , i did not draw anybody dead, he was simply in acoma because i hit him in the head so hard" he looks at me unconvinced

"Mr. Johnson said you labeled it" he says with his arms crossed

"i did not, he just assumed that it was him because he woke me up" i argue, his eyebrow raises

"really" he says, i nod, he pulls out a piece of paper and writes something on it, when he is done he hands it to me

"sign this and bring it back tomorrow" he says, the paper says

            dear parents of Savannah Alexanders,

      your daughter has disobeyed the math teacher this morning, and insulted him, so i would like this to be signed and returned to me tomorrow, thank you

                                                                                Greg Haugen

"are you serious, i'll be grounded for life for nothing" i complain

"leave, its supposed to be a good day, have fun" he says shooing at me

"ow can i now" i say walking out of he room, kyle stands up when i walk by and follows me out

"what happened" he asks

"none of your bullshit" i say and walk faster, he grabs my forearm and stops me, bu doesn't let go, i try to pull away but i cant, his grip is too strong

"why cant you respect anybody" he says

"i'm respecting you now by not kicking you in the balls aren't i" i say, his face goes dark, suddenly he pulls me to i'm and presses his lips against mine, he holds my head with the hand not holding my arm, he moves that one to my waist, i put my hands on his chest and push him away from me as hard as i can, but he wont budge, he slightly lets go so i am still pressed against him

"i love you"

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