More than a kiss

Lena Tanglewood is a 14 year old who is the enemy of the populars, is the hazard to all good girls, too bitchy for bad ones, she just doesn't fit in, but until Dan comes into her life, she thinks she is a bad girl, but he brings out her softer side. Is that a good thing?


1. Bad girl going badder

Just because I have secrets doesn't mean I'm a Pratt, just because I'm angry, doesn't mean I hate you, just because I'm ugly, doesn't mean you can't kiss probably does anyway. I've longed for a kiss from any boy, wandering if his breath would taste lovely. I just fantasise, is that so bad?Maybe it is. I blush when any boy looks at me. Which isn't easy to hide as my skin is as white as a ghost. My lips are always a Scarlett red colour, My black hair swinging free. I look like a gothic version of Selena Gomez, which is cool, sometimes. I'm the kinda girl that looks like a goth, which is an amazing thing, because I am. "HEY LOSER."Kirsty Kowalski shouts from across the p-e hall. "Whats with the black hair?" I hear someone whisper. "Such a Gomez wannabe." Kirsty adds. I sigh. "Don't get me wrong; Sel Gomez is amazing. But why would I wanna be her? She's perfect, and no excitement happens in her life. I don't wanna be her. I just look like her!" I shout, and run across the room. They always call me a Selena wannabe, why would I? I'm into bands like Fall out boy, not 'Come And Get It' seriously.Suddenly I slip on the floor, then he walks in. Black hair falling over one eye, perfectly straight, skinny jeans and a baggy tshirt. He looks at me on the floor, and walks over holding out one perfect hand, I grab it, his skin is so soft, I stand up, he looks me in the eye, His eyes, caramel brown, staring into my ivy blue eyes, I can't take it, I feel myself blushing, I can't believe this, I'm actually in love. "Dan. My names Dan Howell. What's yours?" He asks me, his voice soft and smooth. "L-L-ENA Tanglewood." I say, "Nice, how old are you Lena?" He says, "14, how about you?" I stutter. "15. Nice to meet you." He says, and waves as he walks away, Kirsty is staring, and I laugh, looking back, dan turns around and winks, this is the best day of my whole life, I'm actually in love. With a boy named Dan Howell, a perfect boy. Am I dreaming? If i am, don't pinch me.                       

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