~~Poems and songs~~

Well, it's just same poems and songs that I write and put in here. Feel free to comment about what you think



1. The Day Of The Week

The week starts with monday,
right after sunday.
Mondays are filled jobs and works,
and all people are jerks.
I dont mind monday though,
But either I like it so,
It's a day thats starts
and a day that ends,
Making the hearts,
belong to its friends.

Tuesday comes the next,
It's where the text,
Changes on mad,
to become glad.
People recognize,
and stop critize,
the work ahead,
and enjoy instead.
As the day past by,
on my back I lie.

Wednesday, the middle,
of the work week riddle.
With it there comes,
the last thumbs,
showing a like,
and forgot dislike,
About the work of yesterday,
and started to pray,
That thursday and friday,
will be blown away.

And then thursday,
the only way,
to come to friday,
it's okay.
As time pass by,
I don't know why,
time stands still,
but I try and will,
make the day go,
and time will flow.

Fridays are great,
we get cake,
that I'll bake,
for my own sake.
Teacher is tired,
students uninspired,
searching for a reason,
and found a reason,
to skip homework,
and lighted a firework.

Saturday, I love you,
making weekend come true,
but what to make or do?
And I took on my shoe.
I walked down the streets,
moving my feets,
seeing the geaks,
of shopping treats.
On so the day ends,
and it all makes sense.

Sunday, the end is near,
and people are in fear,
'cause are they gonna do,
when monday comes true?
They make their homework,
also the jerk.
I don't have stress,
I'll just do my best,
and start to pray,
that it'll soon be friday.

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