Arranged Marriage-Harry Styles-

Sasha Smith is your ordinary 19 year old, although she acts just like a 15 year old, at times. What would happen if her mother planned everything out for her, without her knowing until the very second when she thought her life could get better? Would it be worse than she expected? Read this story to find out!

Stay Beautiful :) x


1. You Did What?!

Sasha's P.O.V



"Yo, Sash. Can you take this to that table, please."Toby said and I nodded grabbing the plate of burger and fries. I made my way over to the table where a man was seated. "Here you go. Enjoy your meal."I smiled and he happily sent it back.


Just in case, you guys may be wondering if this is my job. No. I'm actually helping out my Dad's friends cause I was off today. I work at Daycare, yes I look after toddlers. I love babies and I've always wanted to have one when I'm older enough.


I've been babysitting my mother's friends kids and so I've had experienced with babies. I really love my job at the moment and since it's Sunday, I'm not working. My mother works at Forever 21 and it's basically my favourite store here in London.


I wasn't born here but my parents and I moved here when I was 1 years of age. I'm originally from LA but I have a weird mix of American and British accent. I checked the time and it was home time. Everyone started disappearing off and I cleared all the tables and Toby and the others pack away into the van.


"Thank you so much for your help, Sash. We really appreciated that. Thank you."Toby said hugging me. "Anytime, Tobe."I smiled taking off the apron and waved. I made my way to my car and drove back home.




I drove into the driveway and I furrowed my eyebrows seeing more than one car in here. My mother's Holden Malibu was here and my Dad's Ferrari then who owns the Range Rover and a black van with tinted windows?


I parked my car and grabbed my cell phone off the passenger seat, walked up the front door and made my way in seeing more than two faces. "Mom? Dad? What is going on?"I asked. "Just give us a sec."Mom said to the people in our living.


Mom grabbed my hand we were now in the hallway. "What the hell is going on?"I asked. "Honey, there's something we have to tell you."Dad said. "Of course you do."I said throwing my hands in the air.


"Honey, what do you think of arranged marriages?"Mom asked and I sighed. "Their okay, I guess, but sometimes I think it's stupid. I mean getting forced to marry someone you don't even know, that's just nuts, man."I said shaking my head.


"Well, your getting married."Dad said and my mouth dropped. "W-what?!"I practically yelled. "To who?"I asked, my volume a bit quieter now. "Harry."Mom said. "Harry...?"I asked. "Harry Styles, from One Direction. That's why their here."Mom said and I really wanna hit something so hard.


"What? What?"I asked and Dad grabbed my hand dragging me back to the living room. "Harry, this is my daughter, Sasha."Dad said and he grinned. "Hello, love."He smiled and I rolled my eyes. 


"Can it be anyone but him? I could get married to that hot guy next door or something, but nooo it had to be him."I said gesturing to the curly one. "Ouch. That is not the way to talk to your soon to be husband."Harry said, his hand over his heart making me groan.


"Sasha, honey. Your parents and I agreed to this before you and Harry were born. Your mother and I have been best friends since well, when you guys moved here from LA."The other lady said and I'm guessing that's Harry's mother.


"Your parents, Robin and I agreed that if we have a boy or a girl they're get married."She finished. "YOU DID WHAT?!"I yelled, looking at my parents. I looked around and saw a smiling Harry.


Great now I have to live with this idiot.....




















A/N: Hello guys! So I've started another story and if you guys want me to continue then say so! Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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