Runaway Identity

A young 14-year-old girl Misty Jagger is sick and tired of all the bullying that she's getting so she decides to pretend to die, so that she can go on a live a new life as someone else, she changes everything from her eye colour to her voice. But her heart is still the same she regrets leaving all her friends and family behind but, she just can't go back right I mean she can't go back to the place that she died and live there because people might notice something suspicious but, the chance to go back and find out who her friends truly are is so tempting especially since the one she loves is there too. She will be able to figure if he loves her or not but, what happens if he doesn't what will she do.


1. The decision

My life is so hard and annoying, I just wish I could disappear from it and just never live it now based on this you probably think that I'm the kind of girl that would commit suicide but I'm not I don't think I would have the guts to I don't even cut myself let alone even think about killing myself it just ain't right. The furthest I would probably go is running away, running away from everything and everyone now your probably thinking why runaway why not turn around and stick up for yourself but, the thing is I can't do it I'm just to nice like that I just can't do it I'm just not that person. Anyway my name is Misty Jagger, I'm 14 and I have black hair and green eyes, I can be described as a skinny, nice, intelligent, warm and caring person I also so happen to be a great artist, and an overall very good person but what I don't understand is why everyone hates me I just try to fit in and be myself and they hate me I can never understand why that is.
Like I was saying before every day of my life is filled with bullying I have even resulted in becoming silent never speaking unless people can prove to me that I can trust them but, I'm getting yelled at by people because I'm always ignoring people and pretending there not there, and even when I do speak my friends yell at me because I've said something that has irritated someone or I've gotten an answer wrong and they all make fun of me and yell at me for that and its really annoying. I just don't understand what their problem is its just driving me crazy, I've been thinking about and I've decided that I'm going to runaway, runaway from this life I might not have the guts to kill myself but I could always pretend too. Pretend that I've jumped off a cliff or something and then go and change my identity and change everything the colour of my hair and eyes, my name, my voice everything I'll even change my style if I have to which I won't but I would.

After tonight I will be known as Rema Heckman, and I'll leave town tonight and go to some random country like American or England or some place like that it will kind of be fun to go to another country I have enough money I mean its a good thing that my dad has a lot of money he's not rich but he's got money enough for me to take some and him not to really notice. I will just start a new life somewhere else and just live a happy life I'll pretend to be a orphan, and that all my family's dead that way people won't suspect me when they can never meet my parents. I know that I really shouldn't take advantage of orphans but, I'm afraid that its all I can do right now, just think in a few days I'll be free from this hell, away from everything living a new life, finally I'm free.


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