The Ugly Inside.

New School, New Life. Let's see what happens when she tries out for cheerleading. She meets Niall and his mates. He has one class with her and that last period. Find out and read what will happen next!


1. Morning


[A/N. Sorry the intro is a little off from the story.] 

Chapter One: Morning

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" Went my alarm clock. "I hate mornings" I said to myself. I rolled out of bed and hit the bottom on the top of my clock. I groaned and got up and head for my closet.    I grabbed a floral top and my checker skinny jeans. I dragged myself over to my dresser and look at my earrings. I took a pair of small hoops for the new day. I went to my bed, bent over under my bed and got my black converse. I put those on the bed and went back to my dresser. On the top of my dresses I went to my small basket of shoe laces.  I grabbed a pink one a neon green lace. "Good enough..." I thought. I put my shoes on and my laces. I looked at my brush and thought about my cleanse. Luckily I took a nice shower yesterday, or I'll smell like my brother after his soccer game. I grabbed my brush and walked towards my door. Before I got there the door swag open and there was my 12 year old brother,  Darwin. " Can't you knock ?!" I yelled. " Well, excuse me...... but my mom said breakfast is in 10." he said. I rolled my eyes and went straight to my sister, Anne's room.   "Hey sleepy head, get up, and get ready for the first day of school" Her being 14, she didn't hesitate and ran pass me right into the bathroom. I guess she was gonna take a shower. 5 minutes later her hair was wet and she was walking to her room. "I had to go the bathroom for like ever!" I complained to her to be funny. She's normally already rolling her eyes, but this time it's different. "Today, I will be trying out for cheerleading. Why don't you join me?" She asked.

"How about........ No? Being somewhere where I have to be with you. I would kill myself!" I told her. "Suit yourself" I was over thinking that question. How about I will join it? Just ignore her comments. Yes,..... Perfect.....  Wow. I sound a bit evil. "Lol" I said out loud without thinking. "What's funny?" Asked Anne "Nothing...." I said. I almost started laughing and crying about that.  I walked downstairs and sat right at the table. My mom came out with scramble eggs and bacon. "Mmhhmmm" I said. I took a bite of bacon and a bite of eggs. "Good luck at school!" My mom said. I grab my backpack and my phone. I went outside and started to walk. My sister Anne ran up beside me and I sighed. "I'm going to try out..." I confessed. "Really?" She gaged, I shook my head. She looked really happy then went serious. We approached out school and went to the entrance.  I took a deep breath and opened the door, then walked in.

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