My name is Alyssa, If I hadn't gone outside, I'd still have my mother and father alive. I have no family, no friends. Everything is always dark and cloudy. But then I met someone. Will we make it through this life or death situation? Or will we fail


1. Should've listened

  It all started when I asked my mom if I could go outside on a walk. “ mom, I was wondering if, ummmm... I could maybe go on a walk today?” Why don't you help me cook dinner she says trying to get me to forget about it. No I'll pass I say as I pretend to walk up to my room. I walk outside thinking what were my parents so worried about. For some reason it was always dark cloudy and rainy around here. And that's when I found out. The smell of rot and decay pierced the air around me. Must be a dead animal I thought. But then my mom was in our yard yelling something. Come back inside fast she said. I turned around and out of the woods arose three humans, except they had pale green skin, and glowing eyes. No, these aren't people these were what my parents had kept me inside and had tried to protect me from for so many years of my life. I stood there frozen as they approached. My mother and father darted across the yard with what looked to be huge swords my dad dove right but a zombie bit him. DAD!!!! I yelled as he collapsed to the ground. As that happened my mom was defeated to. I knew I was next. Until the sound of a motorcycle scared them away. He stopped by me and helped me onto it. He was tall and blonde with a thick Irish accent. What's your name I yelled over the sound of the engine. The names Niall. He replied. I'm Alyssa I said as we pulled up to an old and far abandoned house. I hopped off and followed him inside. You sleep in there he said pointing to a wooden door. Ok I said and walked over. He was standing in the doorway holding some clothes. You'll probably want a shower after what happened here is an old tshirt it shrank in the dryer but will stil a little big. Thanks, I say and walk to the bathroom he probably was expecting me to cry. But I just don't. I never cry. I never have. I don't know why. I just think about the past. If I haven't gone outside they'd still be with me. Niall was sitting in the living room as i walked in after my shower. Feel better? He says. Much better. I retire to bed after one question. Niall? Yes? Why did you save me I asked. Remember when the world was light and we were in 5 th grade? He asks. I was the kid who had a really big crush on you. Really I say? Yes he replies. Then I went to bed.

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