love in the USA

this is about a girl who's name is Rachel and was friends with Niall before he was famous but when he left he broke her heart but what happens when he comes back to finish collage and doesn't remember her will Rachel tell Niall who she is and how she feels or let their relationship start all over again.
please read this is my first and I'm not afraid of bad feed back but please not to harsh.


1. nice to meet you


nice to meet you

rachel pov

"Rachel brown please come to the office now". I heard my name being called so I got up from my seat and walked down the hall hoping I was not in trouble.  As I walked in I saw none other than Niall Horan.  Now most girls would freak if they saw Niall sitting in the principals office but not me in fact I almost ran out of the office but I didn't. want to know why because niall broke my heart. he was my first real break up in fact my only break up. "Niall, its nice to meet you I'm Rachel" I said as I stuck out my hand even though it killed me, but I knew he didn't remember me I could tell by his face.

nialls pov

"I'm Rachel" I heard from the a brown haired hazel eyed girl. as she stuck out her hand I shook it she was the first girl in a long time who didn't look happy to met me I was not used to it .Maybe thats why principal chose her to show me around as principal turned to Rachel "you will be showing niall around." I say her face drop for two seconds and then that beautiful smile come back on her face but I could tell it was fake.  

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