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There was this girl name Brooklyn Roberts she was an beautiful girl but the thing wrong with her was.......


1. wonder <3

So there was this girl name Brookyln Roberts

she was an really beautiful she liked this boy name Blake Mileton

but he never notice her she was invisable to him. One day Brookyln was walking in the halls and all of an sudden Blake ran into Brookyln and Blake saw cut slits on her wrist.. Brookyln covered up her wrists and ran off crying Blake was trying to say why does Brooklyn cut her wrist? Blake yelled "Brooklyn Brookyln" over and over but she kept on running away so Brookyln went out the doors , down the street in to her house went up the stairs she went into the bathroom grabbed all the razors she can find and went on her bed and started to cut all over her body there was blood all over her sheets. Then she went in her bathroom and filled the tub with water and started cutting again the whole tub was filled with blood her arms was filled with sayings curved into her skin. Then her mom came into the bathroom and saw Brookyln laying there crying , Brooklyn's mom grabbed Brooklyn out of the bathtub and put her on Brooklyn's bed Her mom kept on asking "why you cut?" but Brooklyn didn't answer she faked sleeping so her mom get away from her so Brooklyn's mom walked away and went down stairs. So Cutting was an everyday thing to Brooklyn she never stopped and never will :( The next day was another stupid school day she wore an sweater and long pants that covered everything , she walked threw the doors and everyone looked at her she just kepted on walking so Blake came up to Brooklyn and ask "why do you cut yourself?" and Brooklyn tried to avoid the question but Blake kept on asking her but then......

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