Dear God, You Must Be Asleep

A pre-evening product of procrastination. What started off as an poem assignment, inspired by the line "Dear God, You Must Be Asleep" in Alice Walker's "The Color Purple". The novel I'm studying in depth and the novel that's helping me study myself in depth.


1. Dear God, You Must Be Asleep


Dear God, you must be blind

To not see the strain in people’s eyes

The strain of their backs in their fields

The pull of their heartstrings in their home.


Dear God,  you must be deaf

To not hear the cries of my children

The smack of his whips against their palms

The squeeze of their hearts in his fists.


Dear God, you must be numb

To not shake with rage at my injustice

The teardrops and sweat trickling down my cheek

The pulse of my heart beating through my chest.


Or, Dear God, you must be asleep

As you forgot to wake me from this nightmare

The truth hiding under your pillow

As not to disturb everyone else’s dreams

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