Dare to Dream: Life as Directioner

There is a model name Nina. She has a beautiful long and curly hair and sexy body. She's tall and sweet. She is a right lady for every lad's dream. One day she had a busy photo shoot and modeling. When she got bored she open the television on their set and saw a Boyband name One Direction. They we're active for 2 and a half years but they decided to move on their own life because they think that they're too busy for their work and they realize that they don't even have a time for their family. Nina stop for working as a model and plan to visit United Kingdom to help the lads with their problem.


1. One Direction

Nina's POV

One day while I'm having some photoshoot for Topshop and Forever 21, I got bored. I already did everything but I'm still bored. I already read magazines, my blogs, my twitter account, my instagram. I already eat my chicken peri-peri which was delivered by Nando's and watch some shows. I'm just waiting for my turn. Charlotte is having her photoshoot right now. I'll just open the television to watch some beauty shows.

Nina turn the television on and when the television turned on she saw a massive band/fandom name One Direction ending up their 2 and half year relationship as a band. Each one of them thinks and realize that they are just having fun for their work as a Famous band but they are still longing for their family and friends. It's hard to make it till the end without my family said Styles. I still need to  find my princess soon said Horan. We've benn through thick and thin said Malik. I'm going to miss the touring said Payne. I'm going to miss everything said Tomlinson.

Nina then cried because of the band said. She realize that while you still have time why not if you spend it well to your family. She got attracted to the lads. Her stylist name Laira saw her crying and she explain it to her. Laira said that the Boyband name One Direction has tons of fans online. They are the world's biggest band and has a really big fandom. Laira is shocked for that news. After all this years they we're so active, they we're facing a really tons-like projectlike having a movie of their own. Their last gig will be next week.


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