You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


1. Chapter 1

I looked at myself in the mirror. Tear stained cheeks and sad blue eyes. I ran my hand through my long brown hair as the yelling and crashing noises kept going on in the living room. Grabbing the eyeliner that was lying on the dresser, I drew dark lines along my eyelids carefully, aiming for a rock and roll look. As the fight that my parents were having grew bigger, I sneaked onto the corridor as quiet as possible. Once I had reaches the door, I set off towards the main road, leaving the hell behind me. There was this little music studio which was opened for all kind of performance and performer. I used to sing there and it was a way to release myself. But even in the choice of song and singing, I was just acting. Because I was scared. Scared of how people would judge me and hate me afterwards. "Up next, Bachelor Black!" The host shouted into the mic and I walked to the small stage, feeling the spotlight on me.


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