Summer 09

Loraine's Best friend was one of the members of the biggest boy band ... One direction they lost contact when he left to audition for the X-factor....


1. Chapter 1

Hi I'm Loraine Allen, I'm 19 years old. I was born in mulingar Ireland and lets just say that who was my best friend is now a member of the biggest boy band in the world and yes you are correct... One direction and yes NIALL horan was my best friend , well that was before he left Ireland for the X factor.

~flash back-
Šūmmęr 09...
We were alone at my house. Niall was playing with my hair while I was resting my head on his lap.
-so I was thinking of auditioning for the X factor next year...-
-cool wait isint that in...- Niall stoped me before I could say anything more
-yeah, I know it's in the UK- he look sad when he said that 
-so have you told your parents that you want to audition?-
-well yeah...- 
-what did they say?- 
-they said that I should go for it, I meen you know I love to sing and well...- 
-I think you should go, we will miss you but we will see you again soon- I said and smiled
~flashback over~
What I didint know was that I wouldn't see him again. After Niall left for the UK we lost contact cuz I moved to the United States and never spoke again

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