On the Road to Recovery

Claire doesn't really remember what happened that night, all she knows is that now she's in a wheel chair because of it and partially blind. Her dad takes a new job in Bradford so Claire and her family pack up and move. Claire isn't expecting to make new friends at her new school, who would want to be friends with that freak that couldn't walk or see? But as she wheels her way home from school she'll meet her neighbor Zayn Malik. He's tall, dark, and handsome. And he wants to be friends with Claire.


1. The accident and moving

All I can remember from that night was the sound of glass breaking and metal crunching. Then the lights of police cars. Next I woke up in a hospital room. My twin brother, Christian, was in the bed next to me.

The police had come in later that day and explained to me and Christian that we had been in a severe accident. I remembered that our friend Ryan was driving and we we're coming home from a party. I think we were all drunk and Ryan shouldn't have been driving. The officer had explained that Ryan must have lost control of the car and we crashed into a concrete barrier. Ryan had been killed instantly. Only me and Christian survived the crash. But I got the worst of the injuries.

Part of the door of the car had been smashed in and crushed my legs. I was now paralyzed. Also some glass shards got stuck in my eyes. When I had them removed, I couldn't see. Now I had to wear these hideous black rimmed glasses.

Christian only got a large glass shard stuck in his side. Now he has a large pale scar along his side, which he like to show off. I don't understand why. I try to hide as much as possible, but he just likes to show off.

Now its the present day and I'm sitting at the end of the hall with a box on my lap. Christian is wheeling me outside to the moving truck. Dad got a new job in Bradford and so we're moving. I'm not sure how I feel about moving yet. I guess I'm glad cause I'm tired of being "that kid" that everyone talks about at school. When I wheel myself down the hall, all they do is stare. Maybe with this new school they won't stare and talk. But deep down I know they won't.

Christian helps me into the van and then collapses my wheelchair and sticks it in the back. The moving truck rolls away from the curb and mum and dad get in the van and follow. I turned around in my seat as our house got smaller.

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