The Sister

When Niall gets his sister a ticket to come and see him in London, and the plane crashes what will happen when he thinks his sister is dead?


1. Chapter 1

"Niawll!" I chuckled a bit as she yelled my name through the phone. "Angieeeee" I yelled dragging out her name. As soon as the boys heard me say her name they all ran over and talked at once."Let me talk" I want to talk" Them all talking at once was so confusing, so even though I really missed her and wanted to talk to her alone I put it on speaker

~I guess I should explain right, well you see Angel is Niall's four year old sister, and all of the boys loved her even though they had only ever seen her once. But anyways back to the story.~

"Hey guys, I miss you awll." "We miss you to ange! Guess what?" "What I wuv surprises!" "I got you a first class ticket to Londen to stay with us for awhile.The plane leaves tomorrow babygirl." "EEEEKKKKK" she squealed piercing all of our ear drums. "I have to go pack!" with that the line went dead and we all just laughed. I can't wait to see my little sister again.

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