Ashleigh and Louis have been friends for 7 years. Louis applies for the xfactor and Ashleigh and a friend go along to support him along with his mother. He makes it through and they support him through everything.
She meets a lot of new people along the way and her life changes forever.
What happens when Ashleigh is persuaded to apply for the xfactor the year after? will they meet again? or will they never hear of each other again?
When the xfactor is over what would've happened along the way? Will their be broken hearts? New beginnings? or will everything fall apart?


1. Life is an illusion.

Ashleigh's P.O.V

Walking through the school halls is never easy. People push, shove, scream, shout. It's always the same, everyday. There isn't a single day when everyone is just walking around normally, talking to each other instead of shouting. I don't know why they choose to shout to each other and run around tackling each other to the ground. When best friends see each other, the whole school know's because their screaming is so loud, Antarctica can hear them, and we live in England. It annoys me how the teachers do nothing about it, they let it happen. Well at least there are some normal people around here. I saw Louis walking down the other end of the hall. Pushing through people to try and get to me. I was finally in his arms, hugging him. We just came back from spring break. He has been away the whole entire time with his family and I didn't get to see him, once.

"How were your holidays?" He shouted. I still couldn't hear him that well. I hated people that shouted in my face. Not saying that I hate Louis. I don't at all. I pointed to the exit and he nodded. I turned around and started pushing through the pool of people. I saw the exit sign get closer and closer. I pushed open the door and I was free from that animal party.

"They were good." I said. He laughed and I did too. We both sounded out of breath.

"That's good. What did you do?" He asked. We were walking to the courtyard. No one went around there.

"Well, I wen't to London, did a bit of shopping." I said. He smiled at the ground. We sat down at the table. I sat on one side and Louis sat on the other. I took my bag off my shoulder and put it on the table.

"You brought this?" He asked. Picking up my bag and looking at it.

"Yes, I did." I said, a giggle escaped my mouth.

"How much?" He asked. I didn't want to say, but I had too.

"$250." I said. His mouth dropped and his eyes widened.

"What? Why did you spend so much on a bag?" He asked. I took it out of his hands.

"Its Gucci." I replied. He shook his head then laughed.

"I don't understand girls." He said. I giggled.

"WATCH OUT!" I heard a deep voice shout from behind me. I turned around and saw a soccer ball flying towards my face. I froze. Before I knew it I was on the ground holding my nose. My vision was blurry but it adjusted. The whole soccer team and Louis were standing around me.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay?" The tall boy said. I started laughing and they all smiled. Louis extended his arm out and I took it and he pulled me up.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Another boy asked. I brushed off my clothes.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said. I fixed my hair slightly and adjusted my top.

"Where have I seen you before?" The boy with dark black hair asked. I shook my head.

"I don't know, maybe around school?" I asked, the boys giggled.

"Ashleigh right?" He asked, I was shocked, who was this boy? I nodded.

"Anyway, we should get going." Louis said. I smiled and grabbed my bag off the table and threw it over my shoulder. I waved bye to the guys and walked away.

It was the end of the day and the school bell went. I walked out of the doors sighing in relief. I didn't like school much, only because it was a prison for messed up kids and attention seeking teenage girls and a lot of dramatic people.

"Ashleigh! Can I see you in my room for a minute?" Mr Maxwell asked, I nodded and walked into the art room, "Have a seat." I sat down at the desk at the front of the room, he leant on his desk and crossed his arms. His glasses on the end of his nose. I sat there staring at him, waiting for him to speak.

"Can we make this quick? I have to be somewhere." I said, he nodded. He removed his glasses from the tip of his nose and put them on his desk.

"Why haven't you handed in your project? It's the first day back, Ashleigh." He explained. I looked around the room and then outside the window. I saw Louis laughing at me through the window. I rolled my eyes and ignored him, "Ashleigh?"

"I just don't want to do it." I said, He got off the desk and walked over to the window. He put his hand up to his jawline and rubbed it.

"That's not good enough, Ashleigh. You're smarter than that, there must be a reason you choose not to do your homework. You didn't do it last year either. The teachers and I let it slide but we can't this year." He said, I licked my lips and leant back on the chair, crossing my arms.

"I think life is just an illusion, so why should I work so hard for an illusion?" I said. He turned and looked at me. He didn't say anything. I stood up and walked out the room.

Taliah's P.O.V

Tomorrow is my first day of school and im kind of excited, kind of scared. I hope I make friends. I'm never really good at that. My last school, I was the nobody. People never really liked me. But, no one ever gave me a chance. I hope England schools are better, I'm from the states. I guess we'll just see tomorrow.

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