Blood for Blood

We were bound by the past. Our fates intertwined. he was meant to find and protect me but would i be his undoing. Leah-Rose Tate is your average girl working a crappy full time job, trying to make it through college. Marcus Sebastian Davenport is heir to the throne of a vampire race. A vampire race that at any second could be at the brink of war with the werewolves. With his father's time coming to an end it's up to him to protect his race. In order to do that he must first find his mate and awaken his powers fully.


1. The Dream

The dream starts the same. Always the same. I wake up in a dark room, it might not even be a room. I need to give it walls though a structure so I can connect it to something. Anyway its dark and that's what gets me. Its not just any darkness. It's pitch black I can't see my hand in front of my face darkness. I'm scared, I can feel my armpits begin to sweat. I stand from the ground and begin to look around trying to find something anything that resembles away out. But there's nothing. On shaky legs I begin to move forward arms outstretched. That's when I see it from the corner of my eye. A pair of strikingly blue eyes staring at me. Probably watching me this whole time waiting for me to make a move. I freeze in fear, my heart pounding in my chest. “Bam! Bam! Bam!” The sound of my blood rushing in my ears like a river. Then I see it ahead of me like it appeared out of know where, light flickering in the distance offering me my escape. My feet move on their own, and just like I've seen the light so has the blue eyed monster. He's after me but I was faster. The light gets closer I can almost feel it taste it. Freedom is within reach. The sensation of fear creeping up my spine propels me forward, because I just know blue eyes is hot on my heels. Just when I make it to the light I feel it, cold fingers gripping my shoulder. I let out a shriek because I know this is it, there's going to be no more me. I somehow manage to convince myself to fight off whoever or whatever has me. Instead I end up tripping and I'm falling into the blinding light. My eyes are open and I can see blue eyes retreating back into the darkness. Waiting for its next chance to get me. The light isn't what I thought it would be. It stings like a thousand needles stabbing me, and that's when I explode. I wake up gasping for air in my bed, and the dream is over.


“Is this what you do every time?”


“Yes,” I respond from my seat on the couch.


“It's the same outcome?”


I open my eyes and give Dr. Harper a hard glare before responding, “yes its the same outcome every time.”


“Have you tried approaching it?”


“Dr. Harper I can almost guarantee that if my nightmare were a movie and you were in it you would be dead. Of course I haven't tried approaching it. Why would I go near the very thing that's chasing me. That's foolish white people shit and i'm black person yelling in the theater telling you to get the hell out of dodge. No offense just saying.”


She gives a laugh before shaking her head and responding to my nonsense, “you're dying anyway aren't you?”


I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. She does have a valid point but I would rather die in the light than in the dark where I know torture is probably waiting for me.


“Maybe instead of exploding you could approach the blue eyed monster.  It might have a lot to say. There maybe some underlying issues you're running from and this blue eyed monster or person is what you're making it out to be.”


“Or and this might actually be what it really is and not the underlying issue crap. Somethings out to get me and my subconscious is trying to warn me from some evil. It's screaming run away, run away, and  I'm trying but my legs just won't move fast enough.”


“How are you sleeping these dreams aren't preventing you from falling asleep are they?”


I open my mouth to speak but the timer on her desk goes off signaling the end of our session I shrug my shoulders and stand.


“Remember what I said just confront it. I'll see you next week same time.”


“Yea that's if my confronting hasn't killed me.” I say picking my satchel up off the floor.


“Have a nice day Leah.”


“Bye Dr. Harper.”


I put my satchel across my shoulder and walk past the receptionist out of the suite where Dr. Harper's office is. That was the worst way to spend a hundred and fifty dollars I don't have. The only reason I chose her was because she was in walking distance of where I worked. Which was where I was headed at this precise moment. To work and eight hour shift on the four hours of sleep I managed to get.


Yay me.

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