One Direction in Harry Potter 3

It's been a year. A year of loss and death. Haley and Liam are still going strong. But Haley's heart is darkening. She becoming a different person. Voldemort, oh sorry I mean He Who Must Not Be Named, wants Haley to be a death eater. Haley doesn't want that. What happens when Voldemort, sorry again He Who Must Not Be Named, finds out Haley's weakness and uses it against her. Will she stay strong or will she give in? (Trilogy in the One Direction in Harry Potter series)


1. Chapter 1

Liam's POV
Worst. Year. Ever! Haley has been so into killing He Who Must Not Be Named. She wants him dead for killing... Lilly. They captured her and when they were coming to rescue her they killed her. Ever since then she has been... Different. I don't really know how to put it. She's darkened, seems angry all the time. 

I want to help her I really do I just don't know how. No one is around anymore, they are all on missions. For more followers or supplies. 

I saw Haley making plans with Albus. She looked at a map. "So it's safe there? We can put a force field around it and no one can get it?"

"Yes Haley." Albus answered. 

"Ok thank you Albus." Haley dismissed. She was like a leader to all of us now, only when her parents were gone. 

I walked in as Albus left. I said "Um Haley can I talk to you?"

She looked at me. "Yes Liam?" 

I sighed. "When are you going to give up? To stop with the 'wanting to kill Voldemort'?"

She grinned "He took my sister away from me! He needs to pay! He needs to feel the pain I felt! Let that kill him cause let me tell you Liam its a pain you never want to feel!"

I backed away. "Haley, please your not the same person you were before this started. I want that person back!"

She clinched her fist "That Haley is dead... She died with Lilly..."

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