baby say you'll always keep me

This story is about 5 girls: Germeen, Febronia,Merna, Christeena, and Ereni. Thes girls all love one direction. One day they were all going to see This is us in theaters. When the tickets are all sold out.......... Read to findo out what happens next.......


1. in the car

                 * In the car*

Germeen- this movie is going to be awesome!

Merna- I know right! i cant wait till we get there! Eep!

Christeena- Guess what my dream last night was about???!!!


Christeena- It's not like you don't have dreams about One Direction.

Febe- True

Christeena- Anyways, my dream was about us five going to the movies together, just me, Germeen, merna, ereni, and febe.

Ereni- Thank you for including me in your dreams.

Germeen- I'm always in her dreams!

Ereni- Right!

christeena- She's right! She pops up everywhere in my life.

merna- who cares just get on with the dream already!

christeena- Fine! we had gotten to the movie and when we got there we saw one direction! they were staring at all five of us! it was like heaven!

Germeen- what if that really happened?

Merna+Ereni- I wish!


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