the Fallen

*I never truly understood the meaning of beauty.... that was until I met the Fallen.*
Eva Drake is far from happy with her life and just wants to run away from all her troubles. Her brother is abusive, her mother vacant, and a strong lack of friends means that she constantly feels alone.
One day all her troubles break open and her ability to cope collapse around her. But, just as she believes that she cannot live her life a moment longer, she is instantly introduced to the one thing that would change her life forever.
The question was- for better or for worse?


1. Prologue

I never truly understood the meaning of beauty. Growing up, I would see everyone striving to gain and witness it, leaving me to always be the one that stood behind and let it pass. Some people were quick to judge, saying that my life was boring without the passion that beauty brings. But I reached the conclusion that it was overrated; something that had the power to define society- but also held the infection that could break even the strongest of hearts. I would witness the countless victims that this evil would create- each left wondering why they would sell their souls to vulnerability. Each left broken with a fear that, no matter how hard they tried, they could not overcome.

It isn’t enough though is it? Because whilst they claim that their tears fall for the love in which they’ve lost, everybody else is left knowing that the cries occur through the fear of being alone. Living alone with no one to hold, and dying alone with no one to leave. Which allows the power of beauty to plot again- manipulating the sorrow and desperation as another ‘love’ comes along to destroy their lives once more. But this time, it’s even harder to believe the love is genuine, as the need for a partner is uncovered, and any hope of independence is shattered.

Therefore, I would avoid it all like a plague, through the despise I felt not only for the attackers of love, but also for the mindless victims that would allow it to happen. I could never understand why they would keep going back for more. It was as though they wanted to slowly chip away at their own self-esteem and love for life. So I would make sure I lived my own life, on my own terms so as to not get caught in any of the destruction that love and beauty causes. I have seen too many suffer from just this- losing their lives, their minds, and their hearts- and causing them to change themselves for impressing the love that they once had. Causing them to lose their true beauty.

True beauty: the meaning of which, in my opinion, has distorted greatly over the years. Twisted to the point where we all, including myself, forgot it completely with our ignorance. My ignorance meant that I never really recognised it at all. That was until I met the Fallen. A moment whereby not only the definition of beauty became clear- but also the definition of life itself.

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