Red X (One Direction Fanfiction)

My name is Ava Red and I'm the top assassin working for the English government. My next mission is a man who's disguised himself as a crew member working for some band. I must dispose of him before he leaks anymore secrets about the government however, what will happen when this 'band' get in the way? I need to reach my target no matter what but how can I when a certain band member takes a liking to me? The last thing I need is to be exposed and being surrounded by famous people isn't particularly helpful...


1. Chapter 1

"I'm very impressed Red X, you've now completed 24 missions successfully and you've only been with us three years?" The officer approved, nodding at the piece of paper that he'd been staring intently at before looking up.

"That's correct sir." 

"Well I think you'd be perfect for a certain mission that has arose, Michael Daniels" he announced while handing me a file containing every detail necessary to know about this human being.  "He previously leaked information about the government which was strictly confidential and also exposed a fellow agent, agent 04" my heart jumped a little as I heard his name being said, i'm not certain why, perhaps shock of hearing it again after all this time? However, the officer didn't seem to realise and continued with his rambling, "I do believe you had connections with him for joint missions in the past?" 

"Yes sir, he helped me take down a illegal weapon manufacture who was exchanging weapons between enemy countries." 

"That's the one. Anyway, are you up for this challenge?" His eyes glared into mine as if he was searching for an answer which I soon gave him anyway.  

"You know I never turn a mission down sir." 

"Very good! At this rate, I don't think it'll be necessary for an army, you seem to be controlling all the controversy around the country!" A deep chuckle descended from his mouth after saying the last line but I didn't seem to comprehend what was so funny about the sentence? As I turned to exit the room, the officer gave me the same reminder that he always gave me bef

ore any mission, 


"Yes sir?"

"Remember, no attachments, don't mix feelings and work, it won't end well for you if you do."

"Of course not."  With those last words, I turned and left the office.


My current name is Ava Red, I'm 19-years old and I work for the English government. When I was 16 years of age, I made the drastic life decision to become a professional assassin, since then I've experienced; facial reconfiguration (surgery), had several identities, had no contact with any former family members and learnt many valuable skills for survival in my line of work. 

I know 9 different languages, fighting skills including karate, Kung fu, boxing, kick boxing, Thai kwon do and jujitsu and I'm especially talented in knife skills.

I stared down at the file that I held in my hand, Michael Daniels. After remembering every little detail about his face; bald head, small scar on chin, hazel eyes, I closed it and begun to walk towards the exit of the building. I might as well start my mission straight away.  

Authors Note-Ok, so this is a new fanfiction that I decided to cook up tonight, let me no thoughts so far please, quite a short chapter but just the setting really:)

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