My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


2. Getting Justin(:

Kylee and I got on to the highway and then Kylee turned on the radio she put on B96 that was our favorite station, when she turned it on Styles and Roman were talking and then they said here is Justin Bieber's very first song ONE TIME.. I was screaming when I heard that we were singing and dancing then Kylee lowered it and she asked me a question..

Kylee- Are you going to finally tell Justin?

Me- What are you talking about? tell Justin what?

Kylee- don't play dumb everyone knows you have liked him since you first met him and he gave you his number and wanted to be friends with you...

Me- That's wrong.. I met him when I was at my cousin Ariana's party..

My cousin was Ariana Grande

Kylee- yeah when you guys were talking we all knew you wanted him to be yours..

Me- I don't know if I want to tell him I like him.. he might not feel the same way and then ill look dumb..

Kylee- There is only one way you will ever find out...

We finally arrived at the air port and I had to change the subject really quick..


Kylee- me too but don't change the subject on me..

Me- I said I  might I don't know.. now drop it

Kylee- im just saying

Me- yea yea

Kylee- Tell him!!

Me- I said I might

Kylee- Fine but think fast he is walking over this way!!!

I turn around and run over to Justin and jump on him it was been almost 1 year since I last seen him I wrapped my legs around him and hugged him so tight I didn't ever want to let go of him..

Justin- I missed you so much Gianna

Me- I missed you way more!

I started to cry

Justin-don't cry but those are lies.. don't lie to me

Me- im not trust me

I jumped down and Justin wiped away my tears.. in the corner of my eye I saw a pap he took a picture of me and Justin.. omg here we go.

Me- I think we should go before word gets out that your here in Chicago you know how wild them Beliebers can get

Justin- Yeah I know.. Good idea lets go..

he picked up his bags and we walked out to the car Kylee was already in the backseat. I put his bags in the trunk so he could just go get in the car right way.. I closed the trunk and got into the car and I drove toward the house..




A/N ( omg I should have put a note in the last chapter.. oops... well anyway guys please no hate I got bored and started to write one of there I will try and update everyday but I know its going to be hard.. well I am in the process of writing chapter three so that will be out soon.. and sorry if these chapters are short im actually putting this whole story in a book to send to Justin in his fan mail well anyway please no hate!)

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