Attitude, boyfriends, troublemaker

this story is about a young girl with additude but when she really loves someone she is going to fight for her love he may lead her in a different direction but will she follo him!


1. looking for love

I stood in my room watching out the window the most important person of my life had been mowing his lawn I couldn’t help myself but to stare his name was Jacob I watched and glared as he flicked his hair my mother called out to me I yelled back I’m coming mum just give me 5 more minutes she must have been in a big rush because she stormed all the way up the stairs I quickly moved from the window she basically kicked my door down she just stood there like some weirdo I through my pillow at her she still stood there I didn’t want to ask but if I didn’t say anything she might stand there for the next hour until I said a single word

“What is your problem mother? Looking up at the ceiling savannah

“Your father hasn’t paid a single cent for child support yelled Courtney

“But daddy always pays you extra what are you doing with it all crossing her arms folded said savannah

“Savannah Brittany rose it is none of your business what I do with it snarled Courtney

My mother left the room I quickly ran back to my window Jacob was still mowing his lawn he took his shirt of I wasn’t going anywhere at all today I loved what I was seeing but I decided to get dressed and I ran down stairs my father finally pulled up with some woman In her car my mother didn’t look happy I decided I would do the right thing and go and greet her.

Jacob must have been having a brake because he shore wasn’t mowing he was sitting on his stair case having a drink I mustn’t have realised what I said because I said it out to loud

“Jacob is so cute

“Hi my name is rose I believe you are savannah

“Excuse me

“I was introducing myself to you smiled rose

“ Well when I’m not talking back that’s when I’m day dreaming so could you hurry up and do what you have got to do and leave snapped savannah

“I see you are staring at Jacob you know if you truly like him go talk to him

“What who do you think you are coming here? Telling me who to talk to?

Rose called over Jacob I went red in the face I couldn’t believe she actually knew who he was I tried running to the door before he got here. He started walking over I stood there trying to pretend that he wasn’t actually standing next to me

“Hi I’m um err savannah

“I know who you are you’re the girl that stares at me out your window

“No I don’t

“It is okay savannah Jacob and I are related he gets all the girls staring all the time I think he is use to it laughed rose

“Well savannah if you aren’t doing anything at all today you and rose and your dad can grab some lunch

“I err startled savannah

“She would love to get some lunch with you why don’t uses go get ready your dad and I will be outside waiting

“What do you think you are doing yelled savannah

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